Monday, May 6, 2019

A busy weekend

We've had a busy weekend.

Solveig went to the 8th grade social
 I asked her about getting a dress for it but she had a purple one that she said was fine.
 Then after she went to a friend's house to get ready etc. I saw FB posts and Oh my goodness! some of her classmates were in full on prom dresses, hair and makeup and I hear later some girls came in a LIMO!! (BTW the high school had their prom a week ago and limos were not allowed so other kids wouldn't feel bad) Anyways, Solveig had a good time and didn't care about the dress at all, so that's good.

Saturday I did my first 5K (run) we mostly walked, with Bjorn and my friend Heather from the gym-
BTW Heather Blanton is a famous author and has lots of books on amazon- her most popular one is "A lady in defiance" have any of you read it? or heard of her?
 The walk was WALK FOR LIFE for a pregnancy support center "Hand Of Hope", so we were more than happy to support that! I meant to bring a pile of baby quilts but I forgot so I'll mail some instead :)
They also had butterflies to release, to remember the unborn children who never came to be :(

BTW we did the 5K in 52 min.
Winners in different ages groups did it in around 20 min (they were running!)

And this little pincushion came from Victoria, love blue and love simple pincushions! THANKS!

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Unknown said...

Sounds like your daughter has a good head on her shoulders! Graduating from 8th grade is a milestone, but the dresses and limos were over the top. And maybe the extreme that you described is just plain unhealthy.
I am 76 and the mother of 3 daughters. It sounds like you are doing a good job.