Monday, April 15, 2019

QUBE QAL block 17

This week's block is a spinner star block
it's a full sized block 1:1 
I know it looks very similar to block #1 but that one used the chisel shape.

 You'll be making 2 full sized blocks and 2 half blocks

It's not a hard block but a bit "tricky" with the parallelogram sections.
Unlike last week  and die #7 you were able to fold the fabric on the die and cut out reverse pieces, this time it has to just face ONE direction, so either cut WOF strips OR use a solid fabric that's the same on the front and back, this way it doesn't matter which way is up ;)

As you can see the block is also still grey.
You'll need dies #5 and #7
Cut out (12) of grey A and die #7 and have them all face the same way as above.
Then cut out (24) of grey B and die #5
and (12) of grey C and die #5
and lastly (36) of white or background color and die #5

here's my 6" version
I cut WOF strips for die #7

here's the 8" version, I used a batik for die #7 so you can't really tell which way is front or back

For the 10" version I used the red solid  for die #7 as that was the only one that was completely solid

and for the 12" set I used a solid grey for die #7

The first step is to add all the white #5 triangles to the #7 parallelograms and also to (12) of each fabric B and C

Then sew grey B triangles to the other side of the parallelograms and  sew the HSTs together with the B being on the top right, I started the seam where the bulk would be so I made sure the tips of the triangles would meet up right! (Of course I still iron all the seams open.

trim off the dog ears (I don't know why #7 is the only die that doesn't have those cut off)
Then sew the block sections together like this

Here's my 4 versions

Now sew the half blocks together like this

And now ONLY sew 4 of these together into 2 full blocks and leave the other 2 aside

here's my 4 versions

and now take last week's blocks and sew them in between!

and add these to the bottom of the quilts
here's my 6" version

and the 8" version, now I'm completely out of the yellow background fabric so this quilt is done, I might add a border though.
It measures 48 1/2" x 56 1/2" I think

Here's my 10" version

and the 12" version, it's way too big for my design wall now!
Only one more block to go and it's black!
It's a small block and for the whole row, so you can skip it or if you have black as your background color you can change it up and add white and stick that row on the top of the quilt, you'll see ;)

Here's blocks from last week's participants

Have fun!

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