Monday, April 8, 2019

QUBE QAL block 16

We're so close to the end! Just a few more blocks to go!!
This week's block is kind of odd, it kind of looks like a bug or a lizard maybe?
You'll be making 3 of these in GREY!
The block is a full sized 1:1 block

Cut out (12) of die #2 in grey A
Cut (12) of die #4 in grey B (don't use a directional fabric on this fabric)
Cut 6 right side up and 6 right side down (reversed) of die #7 in grey C
Then cut out (24) of die #5 in white (background color)

Here's my 6" qube version, I used a directional fabric for die #2

Here's my 8" version in scrappy blues and yellow as the background

I am running low on fabrics for the 9" qube version, of course since I know what's next, I'm saving some for the "black" row.

Here's the 10" version

and here's the 12" version in grey scraps, I had enough to cut out all the 3 block pieces out of the same scraps and white background

The first part to sew is to add the background small #5 triangles to sides of the #7 parallelograms. 6 +6 reversed. JUST on one side, if you're using directional fabrics pay attention to the placement, it's probably better to lay out the block pieces and plan it that way.
Also start sewing together flying geese out of (6) of #4 triangles and background #5 triangles

then finish the flying geese and on add another #4 triangle to the parallelograms, just on 6 of them, it doesn't matter which side you start with.

Then add small #2 squares to the flying geese, if you're using directional fabrics like I did here, then do half the geese upside down.
Also add the other parallelograms to the opposite side of what you already made.

finish adding #2 squares to the opposite sides of the geese. 6 total (3+3)

Now sew the geese sections to the top of the parallelograms so the #4 triangles touch each other.

and finally sew these together into block (3 total)

Here's my 3 blocks in the different sizes
Have fun!

Here's pics from last week's participants (sorry if I missed any)

 they are all looking so great!

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