Monday, April 1, 2019

QUBE QAL block 14 and 15

It's time for block #14 and #15

These blocks are easy and very similar so I figured I'd do them both together :)
It's time to bust out the brown scraps!
and dies #2 and #5

these blocks are 3/4 sized and you'll make 4 of each block
 It's up to you if you want to use two browns for each block or two browns total plus the background.

Cut out (4) of color A (brown)
(16) of color B (brown)
then (36) background color (white) of shape #2

and then (16) of color A and color B with die #5

Here's all my 5 qube sized sets

At first sew together all the HST sets of #5 fabrics
for my 9" version the bunny fabric was somewhat directional, so what one brown for the 12" qube set

Then I laid out the pieces for the blocks, so they are arranged right and have the right side up!
Again there's 4 sets of each

Then sew the blocks together into nine patch and a nine patch with the HSTs, pretty easy!

Now sew into a long row with block 14 on the left first (though it doesn't matter if they are turned the other way or even flipped)
Here's my 5 versions

And then add to the bottom of the existing top
here's my 6" version

Here's the 8" version

And the 9" version, I'm really running out of fabrics on this one, don't know if I have enough for more rows!?

here's the 10" version

and finally the 12" version, it's getting too big for my wall!

Have fun!
we're almost near the end!

Here's the blocks from last week's participants

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