Tuesday, April 30, 2019

pineapple blocks and more fun from Accuquilt

Just before the month is over I finished the pineapple RSC19 Aqua block!

 Here's the 5 blocks so far

I showed this on FB the other day, this is my board of tops to be QUILTED! (just my own, not customer's quilts)
I don't think the board has been that full before!
I've already finished a few on the list since I took the picture, but I have 4 customer quilts to still quilt and otherwise none of MY tops have deadlines now, so I can relax a bit.

So you know I work with/for Accuquilt, I often design patterns for them and used to do blog posts too, of course there's great perks with that too!
Guess what showed up at my door the other day?!

A Studio 2 cutter!
Just wait and see what I'm making with this!!
I had to stick it in our bonus room that's off of my studio room, which is really the bonus room and this extra room is mostly storage now- it's a walk in attic that my husband finished and it used to be my studio until I outgrew it and who knows, maybe one day we'll knock down a wall!? but then I'd lose my design wall, so I don't want to do that (yet)
anyways, super excited to try the studio cutter!

Spring has really kicked in here in NC, the other day we went to a park after school,
the night before Sonja lost her first tooth!!
And no, we don't do the tooth fairy, but I paid her $5! it's $5 for the first tooth and $1 after that I think (It's been so long since we had the other kids lose teeth, so it might have been $10 for the first tooth, I don't remember, but she was happy with 5! it was big drama getting that tooth out though....and her adult tooth grew in behind this one already, so our dentist says she might need braces early, we'll see, I'll wait and bit and watch her)


Vicki in MN said...

So does accuquilt give you a choice of dies/cutters you want to try out or do they just pick them and send?

Anorina said...

Your pineapple blocks look fab and very colourful. Our tooth fairy gave a ‘note’ for the first tooth and coins for the remaining teeth (in Australia, $1 and $2 are coins).