Thursday, April 18, 2019

New dies from Accuquilt

Did you see the cute new dies from Accuquilt?

First there's the new Owl accessories die
which was part of the GO ME set and not sold individually until now!
so many cute critters you can make with it.

Next are two dies where there are similar Studio dies but now they are finally made for the GO! and GO BIG!

First is the GO bib die, it's adorable too!
 (made me wish I still had a little one who used it)
It would be so easy to add velcro or cam snaps to it and decorate it any way you like!

 and lastly is the burp cloth
(though I laughed the first time I saw it and thought it was a sanitary pad- looked kind of huge though.... and I've read stories about poor countries learning to make these for girls so they can go to school or even just to make them out of cloth to not fill up the landfill and I think some have gotten a special die made for that too, but anyways, this is a burp cloth!)

some cute dies :)

-if you buy any of these thru my links I get a small commission


QuiltShopGal said...

Super cute new dies. If I had that baby big die I think I'd make bibs to go into gift baskets for Operation Homefronts Baby Showers (where wives of military men off in a war zone are invited to special events), as well as for a local county run orphanage (they call them children's center nowadays).

Emily said...

These are great! I thought the burp cloth looked like a menstrual pad, too. That would actually be great, I'd likely buy a pad die. I watched the video, they had some other good ideas for uses for the burp cloth die.