Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hexagon yellow and black quilt is finally done

You might have seen "Yellow and black hexagon quilt" pop up on my 2019 project list but then no pictures of it.
well I finally finished it and now you'll see why it took so long!

It's an adaptation of this scrappy hexies quilt I made for McCall's in 2015
 Which was made with Accuquilt dies and now this version is too, just a little different

First it uses the 1" hexagon die (usually used for EPP)
I cut out 24 in solid white.
Then I got out my yellow scrap bin and found small strips that were longer than the side of the hexagon- so longer than 11/2" at first. and I sewed these to one side of the hexagons.

Then I trimmed that yellow to line up with the side side of the white hexagon

and then sewed another piece of yellow scrap to that side, it didn't matter if the piece was fat or skinny!

I kept going until all 6 sides were done and my blocks looked like this
then I trimmed a side down a bit

and added now solid black scraps, I have a lot of solid black scraps as I often use 1 1/2" for inner borders on quilts, my rule was solid-ish so some had a slight mottled look.
and I trimmed on the right again, just like before

I kept going with the blacks

Then trimmed and added another round of yellow

and then black again

and another round of yellow (which might not have been needed but I wasn't sure)

Then I got out the large hexagon die

and then laid my scrappy hexagons on the die and cut out all 24 of them, deliberately making them odd and funky and not perfectly centered.

here's all 24! some had a lot of yellow and some didn't!

then I decided on the layout
it took me a few days to decide what to do about the setting equilateral triangles which is also a matching die but I decided to use this turquoise
here's the top sewn together so far

I added a black inner border and a polka dotted yellow for the outer border and then I found a scrap of a turquoise floral for the binding

(Here I'm using my new lights and back drop)

I used scraps of turquoise for the backing

Here you see the dotted yellow and the fun floral binding.

The quilt is 38" x 45"

a fun scrappy quilt to make!


Lisa Marie said...

Wow, the way you have done the hexies is so cool! The rings of black and yellow and the funky tilt are fabulous.

Alison V. said...

This is so fun! I haven't done anything hexie-shaped at all but this is something that I absolutely love!

Vicki in MN said...

Way to make use of those hexie dies!

Kathleen said...

Thats a fun way to use that die!

Unknown said...

A really cute idea and cute quilt. Nancy A:

Emily said...

Neat idea! I love the black and yellow combo.

Unknown said...

That's a WOW! At first i was wondering why you used that die then i read how many you cut. So much faster than 6 at a time. Love to see hexie this way no y seams!