Monday, March 25, 2019

Qube QAL block 13

This week's block is the easiest!!
a simple HST with die #5, but you'll need 24 of them!
It's supposed to be green plus the background color but you can do them all different or all the same, it's up to you!

With the 6" qube set, I did 24 of pink and 24 of white
with the 8" I did 12 of one blue and 12 of another blue and 24 yellow
with the 9" qube set, I did sets of 6
with the 10" set I did 24 of each
with the 12" set I did 8 of 3 different greens and 24 white

Then I sewed them together into half square triangle blocks (HSTs)

Then sewed these into a long row of 24 blocks

and add these to the bottom of the rows previously made.
I had the background at the top and the color at the bottom, it really doesn't matter which way the triangles are turning or if the row is upside down, it's just triangles!
Here's my 6" qube version
beaquilter QAL blocks 13

and the 8" blue and yellow version
beaquilter QAL blocks 13

and the 9" version is just super funky! I wished I had added a solid background color, but it's still fun.
beaquilter QAL blocks 13

Then the black and solids 10" version
beaquilter QAL blocks 13

But really the 12" version which is staying true to the rainbow idea is probably my favorite!
beaquilter QAL blocks 13

Have fun!
we just have a few rows left! Brown, grey and black!

Here's pics from last week of the participants blocks
(sorry if I missed any, I also know that since I'm manually uploading in blogger- which takes forever, it sometimes doesn't load all the pics and with so many pics I just can't see which one is missing)

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