Monday, March 18, 2019

QUBE QAL block 12

 It's time for block #12 which is also turquoise and a full sized block 1:1

It's made with dies #4,5,11.1, 12,1 and #16 

You'll also be making 3 of these
(I know it's similar to block 11 but the colors are different and the center is different, if you don't have the companion set with dies 11 and 12.1 then just add a large #1 square in the middle)

From background (white) cut out 12 of 11.1 and 12 of #16
From color A cut 12 of #4
From color B cut 12 of #5
From color C cut 12 of #12.1

Here's my 6" version

 and 8" qube version

and 9" version

and 10" version

and 12" version

First sew 11.1 and 12.1 together and then the #5 triangles to #16 trapezoids

Here's all of mine, some of mine were directional so I paid attention to that for the 3 blocks.

Then sew the bowtie 11.1 and 12.1 blocks together

iron the seams open

then add #4 triangles to the sides like this

then add the trapezoid sections to sides and here you'll see how I changed last week's 12" blocks!

Here's the 3 of each block in each qube size

Then sew these together with last week's blocks, alternating block 12,11,12,11,12,11

Then sew these below your quilt top

Here's my 6" qube version

Here's the  8" blue and yellow version

and the 9" bunny version

and the 10" qube version

and the 12" version

I forgot to add pictures from last week's participants, so here they are (now OLW is acting up again! GRR)

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