Monday, March 11, 2019

QUBE QAL block 11

It's time for block 11
which is a full sized block 1:1
and it's time to bust out some turquoise/ teal fabrics!

You'll need dies #4, 5,6 and #16 from the companion angles set
And we'll make 3 of these blocks!
From white or background color cut out 3 of #6 and 12 of #5
From color A cut out 12 of #4
From color B cut out 12 of #5
From color C cut out 12 of #16
Here are my choices from the Hansel and Gretel fabrics using the 6" qube

  Here's my 8" version when I use the blue scraps and yellow and yellow as the background

Here's my bunny fabrics and the 9" qube set

Here's the 10" version with red,yellow, green and black floral

With the 12" version I cut most pieces out but I didn't have that many turquoise large scraps

so for die #4 I did some crumb blocks, but as you'll see later, it wasn't a good idea!

First start sewing color B #5 triangles to #6 background squares

sew all 4 sides on there, I think I actually ironed toward #5 here and not the seams open which I normally do, but that's up to you :)

  Also sew the background #5 triangles to the #16 trapezoids, with the 12" qube set I did 3 different turquoise sets of 4.

also sew #4 triangles to the center block sections, this is where I noticed that the #4 crumb blocks were a bad idea but I kept going.

Then sew the trapezoid sections to the sides of these blocks

Here's all the blocks together, I just did NOT like the 12" blocks!
(wait until next week to see what I did instead)

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants
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