Friday, March 15, 2019

Mid month potholders–Easter eggs

midmonth potholders

This month’s potholders I made yesterday, I have been busy and then again NOT busy, well time has just flown by!

I had the idea to use Accuquilt’s new Spring medley die

it took me a few days to think about what I wanted to do, then it hit me!

I started off with (4) 7 1/2” pink squares (maybe not the best fabric for it, but oh well!

Then scraps of pastels and heat n bond and the spring medley die


I used two pastel fabrics and with heat n bond on the back I cut out 6 of each of the eggs


Then I prepped the 7 1/2” squares by drawing lines in the middle and then at 30 and 60 degrees with my ruler, so the square is split in (6) 60 degree sections.


Then I removed the papers and fused the eggs around in a circle, a trick I used was a bit of paper where I marked the distance from the center and out to the bottom of the first egg, then I used that paper as a measuring thing and lined up the other eggs with that measurement!

I then appliqued around each in a pale pink thread


As I’ve done before I also made hanging tags, then laid on top of scraps of batting and insulbright, then the piece with eggs on top right side UP, then the hanging tags in the center top and the backing piece on top right side down and pinned thru all the layers, then sewed around the perimeter leaving an opening at the bottom, since these blocks are not pieced, I used my walking foot and just sewed a stitch down the center of the foot, so it wasn’t quite 1/4” more like 3/8”, it didn’t matter as long as it was the same!


then I trimmed and turned right side out and ironed and top stitched to also close the opening and here’s the potholders!



Try it out!


Gene Black said...

Those are cute!

Karen said...

Very cute, Bea, and perfect for the season!