Sunday, March 3, 2019



My AWESOME husband got Open Live Writer to work for me!!

awesome, awesome, awesome….

I had been on a haunt for a solution since mid January when Open Live Writer (OLW) which is owned by microsoft, stopped working with blogger which is owned by google and Google photos.

I searched forums to no avail…..then there would be some obscure comment and we tried that and it didn’t work, then another comment or forum a week later, didn’t work.

UNTIL….. yesterday I got an email as a reply to my post on a forum and it linked to here

we had tried to download this new update 6.3 instead of 6.2 version and couldn’t get it working before, then it was something about renaming the OLW albums in google photos, and well finally this was the REAL fix and it worked great!

Now I don’t know if “new” people who download Open Live Writer now would even get a problem as they’d probably download the 6.3 version.

Let me tell you about the PROS of OLW vs Blogger.

OLW is just a WYSIWYG tool for blogger or I guess other blog platforms too.

In blogger you upload photos and they have to be resized and watermarked and edited before you upload and if the file is big it takes forever for each picture.

In OLW I upload photos and I have a default size of 400 so it won’t go larger than the margins here, then right away I can go in and crop the photo and I can change the hue and saturation too AND the BIG thing is that I have a watermark option and I can add my “beaquilter” and the copyright and 2019 and it will by default add that each time I import a photo!!


and I can do screenshots and modify then easily!!



the screenshot feature is great for my EQ8 tutorials!

I can embed videos or html if I want too and add “tags” to each post and set the post date.

I really didn’t want to switch to wordpress after these frustrations, I then looked at my domain host and they had a store business option and my thought was to incorporate my blog, store, website all into one but it takes a long time to finetune it! I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few days on doing this and I was still not sure about the switch, all my followers from the blog would be gone, by stats would reset, old posts and pinterest links wouldn’t work.

well NOW it works and I’m beyond thrilled!!

Thanks to hubby for helping me because some of the directions were like Greek to me!

He laughed afterwards and said: let me show you how to do a (freaking)blog…… it’s from this youtube video about a kid telling his teacher in high school to teach a “freaking” class instead of handing out packets, the kid became famous!

Here it is

Now I need to cancel the subscription with my domain host and go back to basic hosting.


Kathleen said...

So glad this worked out! It is truly annoying when it doesn't and it takes even more time than it should!

QuiltShopGal said...

Yeah. So nice to have your own personal techy in-house. Glad you got it working again.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Glad you solved the problem. I have never heard of OLW, but I've downloaded it, so I can try it.

Vicky Ram said...

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Himanshu Tandon said...

I like the OLW as much as you do but couldn't get the fix working. The issue is back as before. Please send the word out if you find another permanent fix. I have nearly stopped blogging after the OLW went down since my blog template needs a pic with every post to create a thumbnail..