Thursday, March 7, 2019

Circles table runner is done

Remember when I became an Island Batik ambassador again for 2019 and they've partnered with Accuquilt and then I got to pick my own dies!?
One die was  Local Color and it's a fun die!!

I had a few black and grey FQs and cut out pieces for a table runner and the top and bottom white and set to work

I planned the layout first


Accuquilt dies have little notches on the curved part on both pieces of fabric, just like garment sewing where you have to mark a mid point or matching point, so it's very easy match up, but I still pin it a lot and at the ends I add a pin going sideways so the corners stay at 90 degrees.

and  before long the blocks are done and sewn together into a top, then I added a black inner border and a white outer border

I quilted it with a variegated thread that went from black to white and added grey binding.
IMG_20190227_120046826CIRCLE table runner bealee3

It measures 18" x 30" 
I have it listed in my etsy store here

a fun table topper to make with a fun die!!


Gene Black said...

When I first saw the die, I couldn't see how it would make circles. Now it makes sense to me. And of course, now I think I want that die too.
I learned that corner pinning trick in an online class by Toby Lischko.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

When I looked at your die, I couldn't figure out how you'd use the top and bottom pieces. Nice table runner. I haven't worked with curves in over a decade.

QuiltShopGal said...

Very interesting table runner. Love the colors you selected. Looks like a super fun die.