Thursday, February 28, 2019

lots of pincushions

Can you ever have too many pincushions??

As you may know I have hosted a pincushion swap since 2012!

I just think it's so much fun to make a pincushion and send it off and also receive a fun one in the mail once a month.
recently I got this from Kathy- she sent me two!! luck me :)

Then I also made this pineapple pincushion "just because" I felt like it, don't know if I'll keep it or save it for the swap...

Since I've hosted the swap for 7yrs and this is our 8th year, I have quite the collection!
I originally had two shelves, then I outgrew those and just wanted display shelves, so my hubby made me two, which I filled up quickly, so the other day I finally could NOT fit anymore pincushion on those two shelves, so I decided to re-organize them and asked Sonja to sort them by color for me and then I'd come up with a plan!

My favorite color is blue, so I knew I'd have a lot of those!
So first I started putting up white, yellow (only one), orange, red and pink ones on the top shelf, then it skips over to the other set of shelves, but then back below this shelf I have black, grey and brown pincushions

I had a few green ones that didn't fit on the display shelves, so they went over with the blue ones on the two shelves above my ironing board.
I really have no idea how many I actually have, half are probably blue and if it's been 7 yrs x 12 months, that's 84, so I'm pretty sure I have at least 100! as I've kept several I've made and just like this month, I was given an extra one and now random people give me pincushions too since they know I collect them!
(and I have others hidden on other shelves or tugged away, some are just huge and can't fit on these shelves and some are in use different places)

Do I have enough?? No! of course not! and if you say I do, we just can't be friends ;)

BTW A new round will start up soon for the swap.
I host 3 months at a time so in the middle of the last month, I'll start signups again, so look for a blog post mid March.


Meloney said...

Those are so much fun. I know I'll get more and have the same problem in years to come. It's fun to see what you get each month.

QuiltShopGal said...

Sonja did a great job sorting. I love the look of all your pincushions on display. I still think this would make a great special exhibit at a quilt show like Quilt Festival/Houston.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

I love your collection! It's fun to see them all organized on the shelves. Have a fantastic day!

tubakk said...

I'm so happy to have been with you since the beginning. I really love pincushions, both to get and to make. I can spot some I've made for you, and some others that I have the same as you. I have to make a blog post about my pincushions soon. Thank you for hosting this swap Bea.

FlashinScissors said...

Great to see all your pincushions Bea!
It’s easy to get carried away with pincushions ..... I have quite a gathering of them too, although nothing like your collection!
I’ve enjoyed participating in the swap, thank you so much for organising!
Barbara x