Tuesday, February 26, 2019

EQ8 Tutorial Tuesday- Kaleidoscope rainbow quilt

This week's tutorial is about a fun and actually simple block

The Kaleidoscope block!
 Here is a layout where I colored every other block and had the X inside dark and the background light, you do this by holding down ALT and with a new fabric selected you click the 2nd block and it will color every ALTERNATE block.

 You can also create an illusion of curves by coloring the corners of opposite blocks, do you see it?
 how about now?

Here I colored it like a bursting rainbow quilt

Here is the same quilt but in muted fabrics, you can use the swap color tool if you already have a nice layout but want to just change the colors.

I'm still having Open live writer and blogger issues, so I have to do my blog posts directly in blogger, with OLW I was able to do screen shots and crop them, in blogger I have to export and save everything as jpegs, so I know this tutorial is kind of short.

Hopefully it will still inspire :)


Chris said...

I love love love how the pattern comes alive with the colour changes!!!

Vicki in MN said...

I have not made a kaleidescope before, hmmm you got me thinking!!

Gene Black said...

It is really fun to see how you have colored this design several ways. I do that frequently. For me it is a rabbit hole that I go down once I get started. I sometimes waste an hour or more playing with it.

Joyce Carter said...

I LOVE this pattern Bea. I am really loving the second quilt design. Thanks for sharing this.