Wednesday, February 27, 2019

a few new things

There's been some fun things going on here lately!
Sonja has been learning to sew, first she busted out the sewing machine that Anja got for her birthday but she was too little for, so I kept it wrapped up and Sonja noticed it a while ago and really, really wanted to try it!
 She did manage to sew a little pillow!
Then she moved onto the big sewing machine (my back up machine that's on the opposite side of my table) and she made other pillows and a little bag and actually a small skirt too, now she wants to make a quilt!

 Then 2 weeks ago we got a new cat!
This is Kronk!
He belonged to a mutual friend who used to live in NC, then they moved to FL and some mutual friends took the cat, and now they are moving to VA, so both families thought of us! since we already have one cat and kids who would love him, so I agreed to do a week or maybe 2 week trial, but I figured it would all be about how the kids get along with Kronk, now Swiffer and Kronk would eventually get along.....
Sonja loved him right away! he his under Solveig's bed for the first 2-3 days (poor guy)

Swiffer was a bit nervous at first.....

But Swiffer is nimble and can sleep in any spot he wants :)
Btw Kronk is HUGE! he weighs 17 lbs and Swiffer is 12 lbs!

Now after about 2 weeks, guess who's feeling more at home and sleeping with the kids!

And Swiffer and Kronk are getting along much better too!

Now recently I got a new haircut too recently (plus I turned myself a redhead about a month before that too)

this is the shortest hair I've ever had!

Oh and Dan and I had a date night too the other day!

Of course I've been staying busy with projects, then again I've also been mom taxi and play mate, but that's ok, that's why I'm at home :)


Kathleen said...

Lots of great things happening. So sweet that Sonja is sewing. I love Kronk! I had a 19 pound cat once - part Maine Coon but he was just big boned. Glad he is adjusitng and happy in his new home. Everyone usually works it out so I am glad Swiffer and Kronk are making their way in the world together!

barbara woods said...

one day she will be helping you make quilts, some of mine say they are interested but just don't have time because the work and go to school

QuiltShopGal said...

What a fun post. Sonja is going to be an amazing quilter.