Monday, February 18, 2019

2019 QUBE QAL Block 7

It’s time for another big block! block #7!
These blocks are 1 1/2 sized!
This block you make 1 of PLUS 2 half blocks

and it’s in PINK still, if you’re following the rainbow colors!
(Or the same colors as block #6) or whatever colors you want Winking smile
3 colors plus the background color

You’ll need die shapes #2, 4, 5, 8 and #10 from the companion corners set.
With pink A and B, cut out (4 ) of #10
with pink C cut out (32) of #5
With the background color cut out
(8 ) of #2
(6) of # 4 (I know that’s tricky with some dies that cut 4 at a time)
(8) of #8
(4) of #5

If you’re using directional fabric like I did with my 6” QUBE version (Hansel and Gretel fabrics) pay attention to how #10 signature blocks are cut out, this is NOT a place where you can fan fold the fabrics if you’re using directional fabrics, one fabric has to be right side up and the other right side down)
Here’s my 3 fabrics for the 6” qube version and white as the background fabric
My 8” version I used scraps of blue and the yellow yardage for the background, I was able to use large enough scraps  that could cut out all the pieces of A,B and C of the same fabrics
the 9” version, I found out that a FQ wasn’t enough for all the background pieces, so I used two different greens!
The 10” version I just have 4 fabrics, so I did the same colors as block #6 and the black floral as the background, so A and B are green and yellow and C is red.
With the 12” version I found a two white scraps that were very close to each other, so they look the same, and I was able to cut out everything with those, the pink A and B I used large scraps that had enough to cut out 4 of each, the C fabric I had cut out 16 from last week, so I just needed 16 more and had enough fabric for that!
Here’s my 5 little piles all ready to go!
At first it’s easy to figure out that the C #5 triangles go onto the #10 signature blocks, and the #4 QST blocks and the 4 small #5 triangles.
Looks fun!
I showed this on FB in November, ha ha, I’m so mean to tease like that!!
Then I finished off the #10 signature blocks and the flying geese blocks
Here’s all the sizes
Now it’s time to lay out the block pieces, to visualize how the block goes together
and the two half block sections
And the blue version, here I stacked both the half blocks and the whole block pieces on top of each other.
Then start sewing together as much as possible.
The signature blocks, the flying geese with both small squares and rectangles, and then the HSTs with the rectangles
with the 9” version since I used two greens, one of the fabrics were directional, so I cut them that way too and paid attention to the direction when I sewed the pieces together
This could be more confusing to you, but it made sense to me Smile
Soon I had these pieces
Only sew together ONE large X out of the signature blocks, remember there’s two half blocks!
Ask me how I know???
yeah, I had to rip out 5 blocks, one in each size when I realized I only needed one X in each size.
Then sew the side units together with the signature blocks
And then the top sections and you’ll have this!IMG_20181120_112459226
Here’s the 9” version with the different green backgrounds
qube QAL block 7
QAL block 7 qube
Then sew them together with block #6 in between
Here’s the 6, 8 and 9” rows
qube QAL block 7
and 10 and 12” rows
qube QAL block 7
Now sew these to the bottom of the previous rows/ quilt
here’s the 6” version
qube QAL block 7
and 8” version
qube QAL block 7
and 9” version, it’s just WILD!
qube QAL block 7
The 10” version
qube QAL block 7
and finally the 12” version
qube QAL block 7
Have fun!
Here's pictures of last week's blocks- hopefully I didn't miss any

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