Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 QUBE QAL Block 6

It’s time for block #6! and it’s BIG 1.5 sized blocks, but we’re only making 2 of it! and it’s PINK!!
You’ll need 3 pinks and white (or whatever colors you use)
dies #2,5,13,14,16 (Companion Angles set)

My 6” QUBE version, I’m using this Hansel and Gretel FQ bundle and I did find two pink/red fabrics in there, so I used that for the first two pinks A and B.
From Each A and B
cut out (4) of #2
(4) of #5
and (4 right side up and 4 right side down) of #14
Then with pink C (or in my case I used a yellow)
cut out 8 of #5
and 8 of #16
Then in white/ background fabric
cut out (24) of #5
and (8) of #13
With the 8” QUBE set, I used blue scraps and a yellow background, so I cut the yellow first, I cut a 5” WOF and cut out the (8) of #13 and the (24) of #5
Then I had enough of blue scraps to treat them like A and B and C fabrics.
I used 2 batiks for A and B and a solid blue for C
For the 9” version I’m using this bunny/ cat FQ bundle and with die #13 I just cut 2 at a time then flipped the fabric and cut again, so there wouldn’t be much wasted fabric
with some of the #5 triangles I watched for the directional prints too and with the background fabric after 8 of #5 I ran out of fabrics so I did 16 of another- you’ll see the finished blocks at the end.
and guess what?? I goofed up! I realized I had used the dies from the 10” QUBE set instead of the 9” set, so I had to pull out the right ones and carefully cut again! (good thing it wasn’t too small!!)
The 10” set it was easy, as I only have 4 fabrics, so it was just a matter of deciding which was going to be A and B and which would be C, green and yellow seemed close in color so they became my A and B fabrics and red is C.
with the 12” set, I cut one block at a time or at least planned on the blocks having different A,B and C fabrics.
When the pieces are all cut, it’s a good idea to lay out the block like this before starting to sew, then at least you get the idea and can see what can be sewn together first.
The corner HSTs, it’s hard to tell but they are the opposite fabric of whatever star triangle points are in that corner, see the sketch above.
I sewed the corner HSTs together 2 sets of 4, then the trapezoid with the background triangle in the corners as well- another 2 sets of 4.
Then the start of the triangle in a square block, making sure the fabrics go in the right places.
and the middle four patch sections
Here’s the 5 versions! so fun!!
Then I sewed the triangle in a square blocks together, 4 of opposite sets.
and the 4 patch
I also sewed the background triangles to the corner HSTs, make sure you have the right C fabric facing outward.
and then the trapezoid #16 sections can be added.
The outer triangle of the HST is the same fabric as the trapezoid, fabric c
Now all the pieces look like this, so PURDY! ha ha
Then start sewing the sections together as if it’s a large nine patch.
and VOILA! here’s one block done!
That would look great in a quilt just by itself!
qube QAL 2019 block 6
Don’t sew them together.
qube QAL 2019 block 6
here’s 8” and 12” sets, notice how the 12” blocks are different.
qube QAL 2019 block 6
and super funky 9” and 10” sets
qube QAL 2019 block 6
all together now
qube QAL 2019 block 6 
Have fun!

Here's pics from last week's participants ( sorry if I missed any)


Unknown said...

Is there a way you can substitute dies 13, 14 and 16 and if not can you give me the dimensions of those pieces for an 8 inch block. Love the block but don’t have the companion dies yet. Sure hope I don’t have to stop with the qal Now

K. i M. Jones said...
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K. i M. Jones said...

Okay, after I sent the above comment, it jumped to the middle. Now you have a narrow strip of blog down the middle with even MORE CLOUDS on the left and the right. Strange....

Patricia said...

What an awesome block. I have no templates but I'm going to try to size it to a 9-1/2" block on paper for a project I am working on. Love, love, love it!!!