Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Winter FQ QUBE Quilt tutorial

I finally finished this QUBE FQ Winter quilt and several were asking about a tutorial or a pattern.
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
I started writing a pattern for it and when I do that I always included rotary cutting directions and I ran into problems right away as it was really a squeaker with some of the FQs and the QUBE set, so with rotary cutting on some spots it wouldn’t work at all, so here’s my tutorial instead.
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
At first I got out this FQ bundle I got from Connecting threads
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
and I printed this layout from EQ and labeled the shapes and how many of each (this EQ sketch is actually my re-make but it’s pretty close to my print out and I edited some things as I cut.
winter blues
I did 14 FQs (the corners and the middle parts of the blocks are two different fabrics)
I cut these with the 9” QUBE set and it was a squeaker, so be careful if you’re using that set or use the 8” instead.
My finished quilt was 36” x 45”

On my sketch I have turquoise and purple but my fabrics were more like like blue and turquoise
You’ll need 3 turquoise(A-C) and 3 blue/purple (D-F)FQs for the blocks
Then 2 white FQs for the backgrounds (G-H)
then one black for the center block parts (I)
and 4 FQs for the borders, I used two white directional and 2 dark blue directions FQs (J-M)
and one more black for the corners (N)
that’s 14!

Now pair together sets of one turquoise and one light blue (A/D, B/E, C/F)
From A/D cut out (12) of shape #2 and (12) of shape #5
From B/E cut out (12) of shape #4 and (12) of shape #7, this was a squeaker and I paid attention to the direction of the fabrics too and didn’t double fold the fabric on these! (see below)
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
From C/F cut (36) of shape #5
From G cut out (24) of shape #4
and from H cut out (48) of #5 –both of these are squeakers as well!
From I cut out (24) of shape #5 and (6) of shape #6
Then from J-M cut out (14) EACH of #8 paying attention to the direction of the fabrics if needed.
and lastly from N cut out (4) of shape #1
Here’s my cute little piles Smile
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
as usual I sew as much as I can as possible.
With all the #7s add black fabric I triangles, if you’re using directional fabrics, look at the chart and half are added to one side and the other half is flipped, then add some D triangles to center #6 squares
and I also started making flying geese units
12 of the white A large #4 triangles with C and F  small #5 triangles EACH on the left
and 12 sets with B and E large #4 triangles with E and A triangles on the side (some are directional so I paid attention to that)
If you look at the chart/ EQ sketch there’s 6 of each block!
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Then I added more to the #6 on point squares with these it alternates C and F triangles on the sides, then I finished the geese units with opposite fabrics on the white ones and white triangles on the geese with the B and E large triangles and the #7 parallelogram units too with black triangles
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Then I started sewing sections together and also added more triangles to the #6 black squares
with the spinner looking block I added matching flying geese above the parallelogram blocks making sure the direction of the fabrics were correct
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Then I sewed the spinner sections together into half blocks and finished the on point black square block
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Then it’s easy to add the flying geese to the on point blocks and corner squares to the flying geese and also finish up the spinner blocks (6)
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Then I added more geese and squares to the on point blocks and I also started sewing the border rectangles together alternating light and dark
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
And then sewing more rectangles together and almost finishing up the star block
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
The side borders have 16 rectangles and the top and bottom has 12 rectangles so here I had sections of 8 (x6) with one section of 4 leftover and the star blocks are done!
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Then I started sewing the top together into a 3x4 layout, look how fun the diagonal secondary pattern looks!
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
Quickly the top got done!
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
and with the borders added (and the corner large #1 black squares added, it’s a nice quilt top!
QUBE winter FQ Quilt
I think it’s a nice baby boy or lap quilt
Measuring 36” x 45”
I quilted an allover pointy swirl design, I guess it can look like a snow storm or whirling wind?
qube winter quiltqube winter quilt
I did a sort of scrappy backing, I had this wintry striped fabric even though it has red in it, then I had a bit of these santa cardinals too so that went well with the red in the other fabric.
I think I just had a yard of the striped fabric and then leftover scrap of the cardinal one that I cut in half and it worked out just fine!
and binding is just plain black
I hope this tutorial wasn’t too confusing, it helps to just follow the cutting directions and then look at the EQ sketch then you can see the blocks and figure it out better Smile


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Very nice!

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This quilt design is packed with #CreativeGoodness. Thanks for the excellent tutorial.