Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How many quilts did I make in 2018?

How many quilts did I really finish in 2018?
I just copied over my project list and removed anything that was NOT a quilt or wasn’t completed

1 Women of the bible#3 – DONE! here

2 Sunbonnet Sue embroidered blocks RSC16- DONE! here
sunbonnet Sue Accuquilt quilt long arm quilting
3 Mini Ohio Star RSC16- DONE! here
4 EPP Milifori- DONE!
5 Round Robin- DONE! here
round robin
6 Binding strip quilt – DONE!
7 QUBE 2018 QAL 6” QUBE  blue -DONE! here
long arm quilting qube sampler quilt
8 QUBE 2018 QAL 8” TULA PINK- DONE! here
QAL final 9
9 QUBE 2018 QAL 9” QUBE red black- DONE! here
final QAL 2018
10 QUBE 2018 QAL 12” QUBE BATIK- DONE! here
11 Batik Qube scrappy angles blocks “circles”- DONE!
12(Jan 2018) Accuquilt Colorado Block quilt- DONE here
13 Cardtrick quilt – DONE
14 Friendship star table topper- DONE here

15 Grunge Love quilt- DONE and mailed
16 New technique for IB- DONE! here
17 Mini Love IB- DONE here or here
quilted heart mini quilt
18 maple Leaf quilt- DONE here

19 April blog hop 30 blocks- DONE! here
20 IB April Vintage quilt- DONE! here
21 Heart picnic quilt- DONE here
22 scrappy QUBE quilt brown black – DONE! here
23 Baby yellow brick road batiks– DONE! here
yellow brick road quilt island batik clamshell quilting
24 April Accuquilt blog post- DONE!
25 X and + runner IB qube- DONE!
26 Modern Batik quilt DONE
27phone book quilt- DONE! here
strip quilt blue grey
28 Frog quilt- DONE! here
29 Star quilt for hop- DONE here
nighttime by the river quilt pattern
30 Outer space quilt for hop- DONE here

31  1 1/2” squares and snowball quilt- DONE!
32 Northwood quilt- DONE here
33 Bargello Jelly roll quilt- DONE!

34– IB secondary design quilt- DONE! here
Island Batik qube muted baby quilt
35mini Batik Table topper winter blue- DONE! here
36 Batik table runner brown-DONE! here
accuquilt batik table runner
37 Elephant runner- DONE! here
elephants and bowties table topper
38 elephant quilt- DONE! here
39 Tula table topper- DONE! and mailed to Annie’s
(can’t show)
40Owl quilt- DONE   in Love of Quilting
41 rainbow Geese blocks (x2)- DONE!
flying geese dutchman puzzle scrappy quilt

42-43 b/w and patriotic runners AQ- DONE! here
44 IB Blog hop quilt- DONE! here
45 Christmas blog hop- DONE! here
Molly mine christmas machine embroidery
46 Accuquilt Blog post- DONE!
47 Pineapple Accuquilt- DONE
48 Canoe Accuquilt- DONE here
rainbow canoe Bea accuquilt11
49 QUBE10 #3 table topper Christmas- DONE! here
50 House quilt- DONE! here
51 Row along- DONE! here
my sewing room row along
52 Mini patriotic table topper- DONE! here
53 Florence quilt-DONE and mailed
(can’t show pics)
54 QUBE rainbow quilt- DONE! here
55 Star batik quilt DONE! here
Island Batik quilt star quilt
56 Pumpkin fall table runner DONE Here
pumpkin batik table topper
57 Log Cabin batik quilt- DONE here
log cabin batik quilt
58 QUBE fall table runner acorn- DONE
59 Boo table runner- DONE here
boo bearunner12
60 embroidery blue frames- DONE here
embroidery frames quilt blue
61 House quilt for McCalls- done and Mailed
can’t show
62 Christmas crazy quilt Accuquilt- DONE and mailed to AQ
63 FPP table runner in batiks DONE! here
64 Danielle’s T-shirt quilt- DONE!
65 Strippy table runner- DONE
jelly roll table topper
66 Wonky hearts quilt in batiks- DONE
67 Notes quilt for Accuquilt- DONE and mailed
68 Jan Batik Blog hop quilt-DONE
(can’t show)
69 Jelly Roll Bargello quilt- DONE!
70 Orange Blue table topper- DONE!
ohio star FQ table runner
WOW 70 quilts!
Here I was thinking I probably made 1 per week, well I guess more than that Winking smile

26 were Island Batik! (ha, that’s at least more than the 12 things we needed to make as ambassadors! –one per month)
62 were made with Accuquilt dies! (or at least partly)
Do you think I can beat this in 2019? we’ll have to see…..


Kathleen said...

Wow! that is truly incredible! What a great year of sewing - congratulations.

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...

31 and 34 look very similar. regardless, 71 is very impressive!!

Carol S. said...

Oh my gosh, Bea, you really accomplished so much this year and they are all amazing!

QuiltShopGal said...

Wow 70 quilts. All sew beautiful. I'm impressed. Can you start teaching classes on how you stay focused and organized? I need you for a personal coach! You are amazing.

barbara woods said...

I think you beat me!!!!!

ShirleyC said...

Unbelievable! I didn't even get one made! However, I did make some blankets for the grands.

Judy1522 said...

That is so amazing. I don't know how you manage to get so much done.


So impressive!!! I need to ask: do you work alone or with help?

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Wow - 70 in a year! That's awesome! Lots of beautiful quilts!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Over achiever! I just sent you info about a Bible Study block of the week (free). With all you've shown above, it should be a breeze for you to participate ;)

Nancy said...

Wow! That's a gargantuan, mammoth, massive, immense, enormous, etc. number of quilts. You do deserve a big round of applause!

And they all are gorgeous.

Barb said...

Now that is amazing..... I am in awe