Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bethlehem or Swoon Block with the QUBE set

swoon for Accuquilt QUBE dies
I recently started cutting out pieces for a Swoon/ Star of Bethlehem star block with my QUBE set and posted it in the QUBE FB group and several really wanted to know how to make this, so here’s my tutorial on it Smile
I labeled the block image above and show which die #s from the QUBE set that are used, it’s actually a double sized block, so if you use a 6” qube, the block will be 12”, if you use an 8” qube set it’ll be 16” and so on.
I used the 8” for mine Smile
You’ll need 3 colors plus a background color
For color A (the middle star and matching)
cut out 1 of shape #1
and 24 of #5

For color B (the “house” parts) cut out
4 of shape #2
4 of shape #4
12 of shape #5
4 of shape #8

For color C (corners) cut out
4 of shape #3

For background D cut out
4 of shape #4
28 of shape #5

with the 6” and 8” QUBE set you can use 4 FQs
for the 9” qube, you’ll need 1/4yd of A, C, D and 3/8yd of B
for 10”  and 12” you’ll need 3/8 yd from A,B and D and 1/4yd of C

I used blue and white FQs for my block
Then I sewed as much together as I could, the start of flying geese with  4 large white triangle and small #5 triangles of A
and 4 large B triangles and small background D #5 triangles
then 4 HSTs of B/D #5 triangles
and 8 HSTs of A/D #5 triangles
and 8 HSTs of A/B #5 triangles
and then adding #5 D background triangles to B #2 squares
Then finish the flying geese and add the matching triangle to the #2 square and also do opposite sets of 4 with A/D HSTs above A/B HSTs so they look like  trapezoids
Then add the #3 C triangle to the unit with the #2 square and background triangles. also add 4 #8 B rectangles to the “bottom” of the flying geese with large B triangles so it looks like a house.
and start adding one flying geese with large D triangle and A small triangles to the A large #1 square and with 2 of the same geese add a B/D HST to one side, paying attention to the fabric placement
Then add a trapezoid unit to the side of 2 “house” units from above, add another flying geese to the opposite side of the center block and also the matching HSTs to the opposite side of the other two flying geese sets.
Then make 2 opposite sets of the corner units with trapezoid units
Then sew block pieces together like this
and then sew together the middle star section and the top and bottom sections like this
and then add the sides like this
and then finish the block!
qube swoon block
Here’s the block all quilted and bound in a small striped fabric
qube swoon blockIMG_20190104_163853793
Here’s the back
A fun and easy block to make, this is a cute table topper now Smile
I have it here in my shopify store


Gene Black said...

Thanks Bea, I appreciate that you put the work into this. I may have to try it.

It is also good to see the multiple uses for the qube. It would seem to most people that you would just make 8" blocks with the 8" qube set (or whatever size the set is.)

QuiltShopGal said...

Absolutely beautiful Swoon quilt table topper. I love it. Thanks for sharing how to do this with the cube. Great idea.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Thanks for sharing the Qube dies to use! I have the 9 and 12" Qubes. Hopefully I can add another one next month for my birthday. I did just make this pattern, using all HST's, squares and flying geese! I'll be showing it for the Black and White blog hop! I did use my AccuQuilt HSTs and squares though! That was very helpful!

Quiltingwolf said...

Thanks for you time and patience doing this. I brought the pattern but this make it much more easier.