Monday, January 28, 2019

2019 QAL block 4

Time for block #4!
It’s easy! just a simple SMALL four patch! x 6
And these are in RED- if you’re doing the rainbow colors- or whatever next color you want to use in the rainbow.
And you’ll just use die #2!

My 6” version I cut out the same fabric for both “red” spots and then white for the background, since we need 6 blocks, I cut out 12 of each fabric
With the 8” version I cut 6 of one blue and 6 of another blue and then 12 of the yellow yardage
For the 9” version there’s only 1 on die #2 Smile I cut out 12 each of 2 fabrics, one fabric is a plaid stripe, but as I sewed it together I paid attention to how it would go in the block so half the “blacks” are flipped, so once they are sewn together, they go together right Smile
for the 10” version I used 2 fabrics, 6 yellow and  6green and then 12 black as the background
with the 12” version I had big enough scraps that I did 12 of each red and white
Start sewing the 4 patches together
still iron the seams open

Here’s the 9” version where the black fabric is correctly facing up
With the 2 colors in the 10” version, it didn’t matter which one goes where.
and here’s the 12” RED version
and all 5 sets together (6 of each)
2019 QAL block4
Have fun

Blogger and Open live writer is still not playing well, so I'm uploading these manually, sorry if I missed any (and all from last week)


K. i M. Jones said...

Curious - why are you pressing the seams open?
Thanks so much for the second Cube QAL - I'm having so much FUN! ♥

Linda Tonnies said...

Do we attach row 4 yet?

Linda Tonnies said...

And how do we send a picture of what we've done?