Monday, January 21, 2019

2019 QAL block 3

It’s time for block #3 and ORANGE (if you’re following the rainbow colors!)

There’s actually 2 sets of blocks, but we’ll make both of them today as they are almost the same Smile
You’ll be making 3 of EACH set.
For this block dies #9 and #5 are used
With Orange or whatever color you want to use that’s different then the first row, cut out (12) chisel shapes of #9 die (6 right side up and 6 right side down)- you can do 6 of one color and 6 of another color if you want (3 right side up and 3 right side down)
Then with another Orange cut (6) with die #5
also cut (6) with die #5 in WHITE or the background color

with my 6” QUBE set I cut out yellow and teal #5 triangles and a turquoise chisel shape
With the 8” set I used blue scraps, so I did 6 of one blue and 6 of another blue (3 right side up and 3 right side down)- these were batiks so it didn’t really matter
Then another blue and the yellow yardage for the triangles
For the 9” I used 3 different FQs and cut the pieces, I used the same FQ for all the chisels
For the 10” set the black was the background and I used that for all the triangles and then solid red for the chisels.
for the 12” set I cut 6 and 6 of two different orange fabrics (3 right side up and 3 right side down) then a white for the triangles and a yellowish orange for the other triangles, so there’s some contrast!
I’m sure you can figure out how to sew the triangles to the chisels, just remember that half are opposite in each color.
Here’s mine
Then sew sets of two matching chisel blocks together like this
Then sew them together in twos with the chisels with the background fabric to the right (it’s not the end of the world if you swap them, but just a different transition between the first row and this row)
And then sew them into rows Smile
And sew these below row #1 !!

here’s a close up of the 6” version
and the blue 8” version
and the bunny 9” version
and here’s the last two sets , the 10” and 12” versions
Have fun!

I'm sorry, but because Open Live Writer and Blogger and google photos are not talking to each other right now I can't easily add pictures, unless I upload them one by one thru blogger (which is slow and tedious, so I'll show the completed blocks by all of you next week, if you're part of the FB group, you will have seen them already! lots of fun versions)

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