Thursday, December 20, 2018

Who wants to join the pincushion swap in 2019?

Who wants to join a new round of the pincushion swap in 2019?

a “round” is 3 months, and each month you make and receive a pincushion, so that’s 3 pincushions total!

It’s like Christmas every time you get a squishy package in the mail!!

and the creativity is great, the pincushions are all so different and unique!

Note, that there are internationals too, so expect to pay international postage at least once during the swap (but if you make it small and light weight it’ll easily be less than $5 in postage)

Here’s a few highlights from this round- sorry if I didn’t show all of them! you can look here for more pics.

Please comment below or email me (Make sure your email is part of the comment, as I get several NO-reply bloggers and then I can’t reply to get you signed up!)

I’ll ask for your name and address, email, favorite color, quilting style etc. so sometimes you get a very personalized pincushion!



Debra Anger said...

I have just sent you an email so interested in this absolutely love to have a collection of pincushions.

Meloney said...

I'm interested to play along again. Thank you!!!

Tsienko said...

Please add me -

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Bea,
Eeeek! If I’m not too late I’d like to join in! I’d been waiting for this link up and almost missed the post somehow!
I’ll send an email too.
Barbara xx

Cousin Holly said...

Hi Bea. I'm very excited to join the pincushion swap. We'll be in the Florida Keys & I know there is inspiration there.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join, do I have to be a blogger to do so?