Friday, December 14, 2018

Snow sewing

While the snow was coming down this weekend, I was looking at projects I need to complete or start and blog hops I’ve signed up for etc…

the blog hop I’m hosting in February has us looking at old quilt books from our shelves and I have a pile of some that inspired me, anyways I was looking at one quilt and before I knew it I was inspired by it and wanted to just make a table runner using these FQs

(don’t worry I’ll come up with another project for the blog!)


(I have a problem with COLLECTING FQ bundles!)

These FQs were part of something else I think and it’s kind of odd that most are orange and there’s one blue, but I kept it in there as a highlight


I used my 8” QUBE set and cut out the squares and triangles (shape 1 and 4) and sewed the triangles into QSTs


and soon enough I had two ohio star blocks (the pattern showed 3 blocks but more yardage, I only had FQs so I just made two)


Then I added a border, at first I added borders around all 4 sides on both, then I got the idea to have it be sashing so I ripped out one side and sewed them together like this


I then added a striped border, I had to piece that as it wasn’t quite enough on the long sides.


And I used a different stripe for the binding and I did lots of ruler work on it

ohio star FQ table runnerIMG_20181210_100020645

When I added the binding, and I used that 1/4” seam tape I’ve shown before, the binding was going over the stitch line (which it always does) then I got another idea, so stitch from the front in the ditch right next to the binding so attach it and it worked great! it looks like it’s part of the quilting and the binding doesn’t look machine sewn!

I’m going to try this AGAIN for sure!



Vicki in MN said...

The blue was the perfect highlight for it.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Bea, I've never thought of collecting FQ bundles as being a problem!! Wow, I must have a problem too! LOL Great job on your table runner and a great way to use your bundle!

I often use my favorite Roxanne's Glue Baste-It to hold my binding in place on the back and stitch in the ditch on the front, right next to the binding, using a monofilament thread. I've had good results with this technique. I haven't tried the 1/4 inch tape, though I think I do have some in my stash somewhere!