Thursday, December 6, 2018

Owl Quilt in Love of Quilting magazine!


Did you see it yet??

Love of Quilting Jan /Feb 2019 has one of my quilts in it!

It’s called Pinwheel Pals

(They named it, I don’t remember what I named it!)


It measures 33” x 33” and the fabrics are Fantasy Woods by Michael Miller!


Now, one thing about magazines is that they name the quilts whatever name they see fit, but they also write the directions how they see fit!

I made this with Accuquilt dies (the 12” QUBE set) and there’s no mention of it at all, Not even a foot note! I even fill out paperwork about it when I send in the quilt, but they didn’t put that in the magazine, and I don’t know when I started writing in that I used Warm and Natural batting, there’s no mention of that either! I know that Fons and Porter (this magazine) has their own plastic rulers and gadgets, so maybe that’s why they omitted it, or maybe just because they felt like it. It’s their magazine after all, they can do whatever they want Winking smile and I see that the magazine’s theme for this issue is pinwheels, so they have some pages showing different ways of doing pinwheels. I guess I shouldn’t care, but I do still….Oh well

Of course I love that they pick my designs for magazines and I get to play with the latest and greatest fabrics in secret and I get paid for it! So I guess I can’t complain Winking smile


With magazine quilts I often whiz right thru the construction of it, but I did find a few pics!

If I remember correctly and now by looking at it, I DID use the 12” QUBE set but I also used the 6” QUBE set for the small hedgehog triangles in the blocks (I think die #4? for the hedgehog and white triangles) and then otherwise dies #4 and 5 for the blocks from the 12” QUBE set


and shapes #8 and 2 for the setting squares and rectangles

IMG_20180627_155217202owl baby quilt qube fons and porter

Here’s my EQ sketches of it.

owl blockpinwheel 33x33 michale miller fantasy woods

And look at the different versions, these would be cute too!

pinwheel 33x33 TT united batikspinwheel 33x33 moda harmonypinwheel 33x33 hoffman full moon


Gene Black said...

Congratulations. I wish I could design quilts in EQ and get paid for it.

Barb Neiwert said...

Congrats on getting your quilt in this magazine! I can thoroughly understand why they didn't mention the Cube construction - 98% of quilters out here won't know what that is. I, myself, don't even understand what cubes are. And the magazine's slant in featured quilts isn't to sell product for a particular manufacturer. You have a great design and it's good to know how to make it with just a rotary cutter. :)

schimmy said...

Love it!

shofur4two said...

Bea, did you print actual directions? I would love them if you did.

QuiltShopGal said...

Congratulations Bea. Beautiful quilt.

Dolly Ross said...

Another printed quilt in a magazine. Love it. It's sad they don't mention Accuquilt but I love seeing your quilts in print👍

barbara woods said...

congrats sweetie

FlashinScissors said...

Congratulations on being published Bea! Gorgeous quilt, and I love the fabric!
Barbara x

Kathleen said...

Congrats on another publication! It is a really versatile pattern.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Congratulations, Bea!! You did a great job. I do understand about them not mentioning AccuQuilt. As you said, they have a lot of rulers and gadgets for quilting and I'm sure promote their own brand. You did an awesome job with it!