Friday, November 2, 2018

Log Cabin time for Island Batik

Cozy Cabins

This month’s theme for Island Batik ambassadors is Log cabins!

I love log cabin quilts!

and you know I love Accuquilt, so of course I love their log cabin die!

Last year in my Island Batik goodie box, my surprise fabric one time was Autumn’s Grace and I made a project using these fabrics, but I still had some leftover, so I figured I’d cut into them with the log cabin die and see what I’d come up with! I also used a neutral beige fabric I got with my last box.

Did you know that even though the log cabin die parts are longer than 20”, if you DON’T fold the WOF and cut a set


then flip it and cut again there’s very little waste!!

plus of course I cut 8 layers with my GO big! so it was a snap!!


I cut out 12 sets of the batik scraps of Autumn’s grace and 12 sets of the beige, here they are neatly stacked in a bin.


First I sewed the center 1 1/2” squares together (x12)


with the “dark” fabric at the bottom, I added a bigger beige to the right, so now it goes  clockwise around the center


I added random pieces, making sure not to have the same fabric in the same block


added more beige


the blocks keep growing!


and growing


and finally they are done!

(I had 12 of the dark 12 1/2” logs leftover which I’ll show later what I did with those)

IMG_20180916_142259676_HDR (1)

Right away I knew I wanted this layout!


I sewed them together and tried to have some of the directional fabrics facing UP

IMG_20180916_185411946 (1)

I then added a 1 1/2” inner border


then with the #8 die from the 8” QUBE set, I cut out lots of rectangles (2x4” finishes) and sewed them together to make the outer border.

IMG_20180917_124440026 (1)

And here it is quilted and bound!

I did ruler work with straight lines on the colored logs and the outer border, bubbles on the inner border and large feathers on the beige!

log cabin batik quiltlog cabin batik quilt long arm quilting

And I used some green leftover batiks and the rest of the beige for the backing too! (and also the beige for the binding- cut that out first!)

scrappy backing

It measures 46” x 58”


schimmy said...

Looks great!

Vicki in MN said...

And there you have a beautiful fall quilt!

QuiltShopGal said...

Beautiful log cabin quilt. I love those batiks.

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Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Log cabin in a Day was my first large quilt I ever pieced! I still love them! And, of course, they are gorgeous in those Island Batiks!! Thanks for sharing!

Anita said...

A great fall quilt!