Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Keeping us busy

It’s the holiday season!

our weekends are getting booked up already, now the kids have busy schedules too!

Saturday Solveig had to do a twelve competition

It’s a quiz competition where 12 kids from a middle school compete regionally, they got 2nd place (the region was supposed to have 5 schools, only 3 showed up, so 2nd place is also 2nd from last) BUT there’s 4 regions in NC and the top 12 groups go to state finals, they don’t know if they’ll make it yet.


then Sunday afternoon/early evening she played in the 8th grade band for a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony


Monday was my husband’s birthday

I made him a Danish layer cake

It’s a basic yellow cake, kijafa, raspberry preserves and vanilla pudding!


My little helper HELPED lick the bowl!


So what is Kijafa?

It’s a very sweet dessert cherry wine!

of course it’s from Denmark! it took me a few years to figure out where to get it, but any big wine store will have it!


The cake is cut into layers (usually 4 sections, so it’s 7 layers, I only managed 3 this time, so it was a 5 layer cake)

So each layer is drizzled (rather heavily) in Kijafa, then raspberry preserves are spread on top and then a layer of vanilla pudding (I just used instant pudding mix and made it with milk) then another layer of cake and continue. Lastly the whole cake is covered in whipped cream!

It’s usually best the day AFTER, but this time I baked the cake Sunday night, layered it Monday morning and we ate it that night with just a little left over.


The only sewing I’ve done lately is this machine embroidered ITH bee from Dolls and daydreams! this is the 5x7 hoop version.

I’m not %100 loving it, it’s okay, but I didn’t like the wings how I can see the stitches behind it and then the stinger got attached crooked, but this was my test one and Anja can play with it, so no big deal!

bee ITH machine embroidery

I might try the 4x4 version soon to see if it can work as a pincushion Winking smile