Tuesday, November 6, 2018

EQ8 tutorial Tuesday- log cabins

Tutorial tuesday beaquilter

It’s time for another tutorial, and I couldn’t think of anything until I thought about the log cabin quilt I made with Island Batik recently for their monthly challenge!

log cabin batik quilt

Log cabins are SO much fun and it was super easy with the Accuquilt log cabin die too!

Here’s my initial sketch in EQ for this quilt

log cabin EQ sketch

Of course this sketch is kind of “boring” but it gave me the general idea and I could count how many of each piece/log I needed and also for the border blocks!

In EQ7 and 8, the log cabin blocks are under foundation blocks, as they are often made with foundation papers- not that you HAVE to…. but pineapple blocks are under that category too and they are technically log cabin blocks too!


There’s lots of blocks, some start at the center and go out, some start in the corner, some are straight and some are un-even or crooked.

Here’s a simple log cabin layout

log cabin quilt EQ8

I made the blue parts white instead and changed the layout to a 4x4 layout and then turned the blocks around into a large star block layout

log cabin quilt EQ8

just by turning the blocks a differently, the layout can be totally different

log cabin quilt EQ8

or like this

log cabin quilt EQ8

Here’s a log cabin quilt I designed years ago and actually used FQs and turned into a quilt

log cabin quilt EQ8

Here’s a blog post about it and here’s the end result!

log cabin quilt FQ accuquilt

You can add more blocks and change the layout

log cabin idea EQ8

log cabin idea EQ8

log cabin idea EQ8

A tip is to use the symmetry button and click away on the layout until you find something you like!


log cabin idea EQ8

log cabin idea EQ8

log cabin idea EQ8

Now here’s another quilt I designed and it ended up in Annie’s Log Cabin book

log cabin quilt rainbow

log cabin quilt annies

I did design this for Accuquilt too

log cabin quilt northwoods

log cabin quilt northwoods

So as you can see, Log cabin blocks are SO much fun!

Have you done any log cabin quilts? designed them in EQ or followed a pattern or just went for it and did whatever?


Carla said...

So many designs with one simple block. Too cool. Thanks for sharing. When I retire I hope to plan with the log cabin die from accuquilt and see what I come up with. Thanks for sharing.

Vicki in MN said...

Thanks for the inspiration, I had been remembering the star layout wall hanging I did many many moons ago. I am thinking of redoing that one with IB for my Nov. challenge.

Pamela said...

I haven't made a log cabin in years and I really forgot how fast and fun they are to sew! Great post, you really showed how versatile this block is!

BarefootThunder said...

I love log cabin blocks !! The first large quilt I ever made was a log cabin stars quilt. It has four large stars, representing my 3 son's and my husband. All very similar, yet each a little different. I saw the star design in a book from the library. Tells you how long ago that one was made. 😉