Thursday, November 8, 2018

Art with fabric COLOR blog hop


Hi everyone,

It’s time for the Art with Fabric blog hop again, hosted by Alida

When she posted that the theme was going to be “your favorite color” that was an EASY choice for me! BLUE BLUE BLUE!!

My followers should know that I love blue, well maybe you don’t as I always do BRIGHT quilts, but I love blues and my shelf has a lot of blue fabrics!!

Doing some in just one color or tones of one color is called monochromatic and I guess according to wikipedia it is an important part of avant garde and then of course contemporary art!

Look at the link for wikipedia, it’s funny how someone was the FIRST to create a black painting or a white painting and calling it something obscure.

Then I had to decide what I wanted to make, I wanted to use one of my patterns and I was looking to see if any of my “old” patterns needed a facelift or just to use them again.

so I decided on my embroidery frames quilt pattern

It’s a pattern for machine embroidery (or applique)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves to “collect” ahem hoard embroidery files! and often they fit a 5” x 7” hoop! and then what do you do with them?

I had come up with this pattern that would work with any 5x7  embroidery files and then you make a quilt with the blocks!

3 owls

Instead of it being a 3x4 layout that finishes at 51 1/2”” x 65 1/2”

I wanted to make a smaller quilt and decided on a 2x3 layout, so only 6 embroidered blocks!

I have this “retro birds” embroidery set from embroidershoppe

there’s 6 birds and 3 flowers, I ignored the flowers and just wanted to use the birds and then all in blues!

Since I have a 6 needle machine (Brother PR 620) I used 4 blues, 1 black and a pale yellow for the beak and legs.

retro birds machine embroidery

Here’s close ups of them

retro birds machine embroideryretro birds machine embroideryretro birds machine embroideryretro birds machine embroideryretro birds machine embroideryretro birds machine embroidery

Here’s the blocks done, the whole quilt is on point, so the cutting is a bit odd.


and then the alternate and setting blocks,

Now my pattern has the triangles on the embroidery blocks a different fabric and the background on the other blocks a different fabric, but I chose the same, I think all my fabrics are from connecting threads, at least the main one is Smile

embroidery frames quilt

and here’s the top done

embroidery frames quilt

and here it is all quilted and bound!

Batting is warm and white by the warm company (they sent me batting for a magazine quilt recently, but sent several crib sized battings, so the I picked the warm and white for this one)

It measures 38” x 53” so a WOF worked great for the back!

embroidery frames quilt blue

I just did a pointy swirl quilt design all over but went around the birds

embroidery frames quilt closeup1embroidery frames quilt closeup2

From today and the next two weeks I’ll have this pattern for sale for 50% off. Use coupon code ILOVEBLUE

But this link should add it automatically!

The pattern is great for ANY 5x7” embroidery file you have on hand.

try it out!!


AlidaP said...

Beautiful pattern to feature those cute embroidery designs!! Thanks for being part of the blog hop... blue is one of my favorite colors too!!

Barb said...

soooooooooooooo adorable.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice quilt.

piecefulwendy said...

Cute little blue birds (or bluebirds?)! I love their swirly tails. My daughter is a bird biologist, so I love all things birdy. What a pretty quilt!

Anita Jackson @ Domestic Felicity said...

Those little birds are the sweetest!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Totally darling! Makes me want to put together my red and white quilt with embroidery accents.

BarefootThunder said...

Adorable little blue 🐦 birds

Vicki in MN said...

Tweet, tweet says the little bird with the curly tail-great project.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Bea, your quilt is adorable. I love the birds, the embroidery and the BLUE!

Melva said...

I like how you used embroidered birds at the feature of the blocks. And the quilting ties in with them as well. Nice job. Thanks for sharing. :)