Monday, October 22, 2018

Solveig’s birthday

Sunday was Solveig’s 14th birthday!

(This is an early morning picture ha ha)

She is beautiful inside and out, a great big sister to Sonja and Anja and a great buddy to Bjorn, she’s very mature and independent and doesn’t care about the typical teenage stuff like clothes and makeup, she’s her own young woman! we love her for that!!


We started off with my husband’s “famous” French toast….. not really famous but we love it!


then we went to church and after church we went to an “escape room”


We waited for Solveig’s class friend Josh a bit


When I booked the room “Enchanted Kingdom” it said that anyone under 14 had to have an adult in the room too, I was thinking it was enough for Bjorn, Solveig and Josh to go in, but I was itching to do it too, so Gosh darn it, they said I HAD to do it too because Josh is 13….

I didn’t know what to expect and at first it’s just a tiny room maybe 10x10ft, but with a few things in there and boxes with locks on them in different shapes and sizes and we had to look for clues on how to get the combination for the locks that would then open up a box and reveal another clue or keys or whatever, we had 60 minutes to do it and “escape” the room, about 20 min into it, we opened up another door and there was another room! with more clues and hints and more cryptic things to figure out, it was a lot of fun and we then got a last code and couldn’t figure out where that code went, but the TV screen gave us a hint (it had been giving a few hints before and also showed the timer) the last code was for the door to get out, ha ha!!

We got out in 52 min!!

A guy said that the room had a 30-40% escape rate!


After that we went to cheesecake factory, the kids just wanted cheesecake and they they got milkshakes too!

I was about to barf just after sharing my cheesecake with the girls, how the teenagers managed to finish their cheesecake and shakes, I don’t know!!


The wait staff sang happy birthday to Solveig too, she was so embarrassed!


When we got back home, she thought she was “just” getting these markers she really wished for, but we knew she also really wanted a tablet to draw on, she has one now for drawing with her apple computer, but the tablet is just plain and you draw on it then look up at the screen and see what you did, she wanted something that she could draw and see at the same time, well my husband did his research and got her a new big IPAD PRO with the drawing pen!

here she’s already drawing Smile


she drew this on her computer recently, she really has a God given talent!

IMG_20181004_204304559_HDR (1)

She was overwhelmed with all this!


Gene Black said...

Wow that was a really nice birthday - and a really nice birthday present too.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a really awesome day and a very blessed girl! Happy birthday Solveig!

QuiltShopGal said...

Happy Birthday to Solveig. I think she is going to push that tablet when it comes to her drawing talent. I'm impressed. Must be in the genes. You are all so gosh darn talented.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My hubby wants to try an escape room.

Judy1522 said...

Happy Birthday to Solveig! Her birthday sounds really fun. I have heard of those escape rooms and thought they sounded fun. Congratulations on being among the 30-40%

Debbie said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady. The escape room sounds like fun! All my children have done it multiple times and my husband and I are planning on getting it on our schedule sometime.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Happy birthday to Solveig!! She seems to be such a beautiful young lady who really has her act together! So happy she received what she really wanted in that iPad Pro. I have one that I use for my music on stage at church. I have drawn a little on it! She is very talented. If she wants to sell some of that cute art work, I'd love to digitize it!! So glad she and all of you had a great time on her birthday!

SewMisadventurous said...
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SewMisadventurous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Solveig Looks like the birthday bash went with a boom lol. I love the activity you chose for the party,I've never heard of escape rooms but I'm sure the trend will soon cross the Atlantic to us. It's a Crystal Maze in reality isn't it? That IPad's a seriously fabulous Birthday Present but looking at the talent she's displaying I'm not at all surprised you got it for her. I LOVE her pretty yet sophisticated looking Fox. She could do with her own Cartoon series. "Foxy grows up" or "Foxy in the Chicken Coop" lol.
P.s. I deleted the comment I posted 1st as none of the little pictures I included appeared on the screen, just a load of diamond shapes with a question mark inside. I didn't think of them being a problem but it looked a right mess! And, in view of the fact it appeared right under beautiful Foxy, I though "No, they've gotta go. You wouldn't think a balloon would be that difficult would you?

Carla said...

Wow. Definite talent. Looks like she had a very happy Birthday.
I'd probably still be locked in the room. LOL