Monday, October 29, 2018

Craft show this weekend

Phew! What a craft show!

Saturday was the yearly Pittsboro Street fair and it was my 2nd year attending as a vendor.

Last year I did ok, but the booth next to me spread out into the walkway and we were on a hilly road a bit, so people going down the hill didn’t see me at all.

This year when I applied, the lady at the city remembered that and gave me an awesome spot!

(well I was across from a BBQ guy, and apart from the smell making us super hungry, some people mentioned that the smoke could get into my fabrics, but it was outside and it wasn’t constant so I think my stuff was ok)

All last week I was busy making little stuff for the show, most ITH on the embroidery machine

ITH embroidered purse

I had 6 of these purses total and sold one

ITH embroidered purse

My biggest production item was the ITH eyeglass, sunglass holders (and for some phones) they are always popular, so I stocked up!

Owl cat dog eyeglass holders

There’s Owls, cats and dogs, a skinny and a wide of each one!

Owl cat dog eyeglass holdersOwl cat dog eyeglass holders

Owl cat dog eyeglass holdersOwl cat dog eyeglass holders

I brought Bjorn with me in the morning to help set up, it was cloudy and cold but otherwise NOT rain!

Here’s my booth all set up! I bulldog clipped quilts on the frame, and hung small ones at the front, I used a few big quilts as table toppers

craft show wquilt booth

I had only a few zippered owl purses, a few stuffed animals, and 2 dolls lets, I did bring my patterns too and had a sign up for future classes…


The eyeglass box was filled, I think there was about 15 in each slot, so around 90! and the end of the show I had about half left!!

Owl cat dog eyeglass holders

Here’s Bjorn relaxing a bit after helping set up.

At noon time Dan came by with the girls and Solveig and Sonja stayed, so I had a helper break down everything

craft show quilt

I actually sold two small quilts too! (Not table runners but baby/lap sized quilts, cheaply, but still!)

and notice I’m on the corner! and no one behind me either, so I doubled up the quilts so people had something pretty to look at if they came from that side too!


It was a great show, much better than last year!

I paid the teenagers a commission too Smile and paid for snacks.


Vicki in MN said...

Wow your eyeglass cases are a big hit-how long does it take to make one. Glad it was a success and worth your while.

9658 Textiles said...

Alright! Good for you! in the chilly weather no less. You are inspirational. said...

Wow, your stuff is so cute I am surprised you didn't sell a lot more. Glad you sold some and you are an inspiration to the rest of us crafters.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad the show went well for you.