Friday, October 26, 2018

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

Are you thinking about Christmas yet and the list of presents you want/need to make?

Here’s a cute and fun little table topper I made for Accuquilt’s blog recently


It’s made using the 10” QUBE set and companion set

I also used the holiday medley die and the matching embroidery files


I used about 1/2 yard white and 1/4 yard green and red fabric. Plus, more of the green for the Christmas trees.

I started with the biggest shapes, but I suggest cutting as much as you can from each strip.

Here's what I cut out in number order:

(12) of #2 in white

Eight (8) of #3 in white

Eight (8) of #5 in white

Four (4) of #11.1 in white

Four (4) of #12.1 in red

Four right and four wide (4R +4W) of #14 in white

Four (4) of #15 in red

Eight (8) of #16 in green


then I started sewing together as much as possible


and before long I have 1/4 blocks like this


and the top is done


Then I prepped some green fabric with heat n bond lite


and cut out 4 Christmas trees


then I prepped the back and marked the top and started embroidering


Here’s all 4 trees embroidered!

IMG_20180822_112722445 (2)b

And I densely quilted around the trees and added green binding



It’s a fun and somewhat easy gift to make!

try it out


schimmy said...

Love it!!!

Vicki in MN said...

You'll be all set for Christmas either for yourself or a gift. Nice job.

Michele said...

I'm not ready to think about Christmas yet but your table topper is sweet.

Carol S. said...

It's a beautiful table topper!

scraphappy said...

So great that you got such a huge head start for the holidays.