Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Felt biscornu pincushion going to Norway


I sent this pincushion to Norway for my pincushion swap recently and here’s how I made it!

First I started with red, white and blue felt (I was thinking US patriotic at first, but do you know that’s also the colors of the Norwegian flag?)


Then I got out my small circle die from Accuquilt

This die has circles that are 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” and 1 1/4”


I cut out 4 white 1 1/4” circles, 4 white 1” circles, 4 white and 4 red 3/4” circles and 4 blue and 8 red 1/2” circles


Then I cut 2 pieces of felt 5” x 5” and found some matching embroidery floss, scissors and laid out the placements for the circles


I applique stitched in red around the white 1 1/4” circles on one blue piece, being about 1/4” from the edge, maybe more like 3/8”


Then laid the red 3/4” circles on top and appliqued in blue thread and finished with a french knot


Then on the other blue piece I added the 1” white circles in the same way in the corners and added a blue 1/2” circle where I just did 8 stitches from the center and out in white


I also added the red 1/2” circles and sewed them on with blue thread in the same way, placing then between the large circles symmetrically


and lastly added the 3/4” white circles in the middle


then I marked the mid point of the sides on both pieces of blue felt with a frixion pen


and to make it a biscornu pincushion, you lay the top piece, the center of the middle with the edge of the bottom piece (of course right sides together) and stitch together, then the edge of the top piece should line up with the mid point of the bottom piece


you then pivot and turn the bottom piece and run it along the side of the top piece and stitch


and continue around this way, it looks like a wave effect. very cool!

I left an opening for stuffing.


I stuffed it with fiber fill, as this is felt and not super sturdy so I didn’t want to add the weight of crushed walnut shells.


Then I finished sewing it closed


to make it more effective “biscornu” I added a button in the middle and compressed it a bit so the corners really stand out!

biscornu pincushion in felt with circles

Isn’t it cute?

It took no time at all and it’s much easier hand sewing it, than doing this by machine!

biscornu pincushion in felt with circles

Margun loved it BTW!

bea to margun

And I received this from Olga this month too! a big bird pincushion, love the little details!

bird pincushion

She added little bees onto pins! and also sewed a B button onto the wing


Thanks Olga!


QuiltShopGal said...

Super cute pincushions.

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Angie&Gary Short said...

Awesome little pin cushion you sewed. It's "Sew" pretty!! Cute Birdie also. Enjoy your day!!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

I love them both, Bea!

Carol said...

I'm late seeing this post, but I sure do love this pincushion--so glad you shared the tutorial! The birdie you received is awesome; she put in a lot of work for that. Thanks for sharing these.