Thursday, October 4, 2018

2019 QUBE QAL info

Now that the 2018 QAL is done! I have already designed and planned the 2019 QAL which will be a row–along!
and it’s supposed to be a rainbow row along!
The blocks /rows are different sizes so you may need more of one color and not so much of another.
There’s 11 colors total (if you follow the rainbow colors)
Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal/turquoise, Green, Brown, Grey and Black
I was originally planned all scrappy plus a background color!
and of course we’re using Accuquilt QUBE and companion sets! (both the corner and the angles sets)
It’s hard to say how much of each color you’ll need as the blocks are different sizes, so I’ll just list the background color for each qube size
6" qube -1.5yds
8"- 2 1/4yd, 9" - 2 1/2yd
, 10" -2 3/4yds
12" -3 3/4yd
6" qube will be 36"x 46.5"
8" will be 48" x 62
9" will be 54" x 69.75"
10" will be 60" x 77.5"
12" will be 72" x 93"

You COULD do yardage maybe, but I can't give yardage amounts for that, I tried to play with "themed fabrics' and used 7 colors for the 6" qube and it showed about 1/2yd of each, so 3.5yds more, You'll want at least a light medium and dark. some blocks might have 4 colors though.
Maybe this will help a bit, here’s what EQ spit out for the different sizes, now I’d add at least 1/4yd to each color, it really all depends.
Here’s 6”
and a 6” version with just 3 pink fabrics and white
8” version
9” version
10” version
and 12” version
I don’t want you to go out a buy a ton of fabric, unless you really want to Winking smile
But here’s an idea of what I’ll be using
This is a cute Hansel and Gretel FQ bundle I got from connecting threads, there’s 13 FQs and then I’ll use solid white for the background, hopefully it’s enough, it should be! –no rainbow
For the 8” set I have 2yds of a yellow that I’ll use as my background and then ALL the blocks will be scrappy BLUES! so no rainbow there, and hopefully the 2yds is enough! I know I listed 2 1/4” but that’s being generous, but then again I know there’s more waste as we’re not cutting all at once, BUT since it’s a row along, if I run out before it’s over, I’ll just stop and maybe omit some rows or maybe not, we’ll see.

For the 9” QUBE set, I’m using this FQ bundle, I think I counted 28 FQs though a few I used for some potholders, but not much, now I really wanted a background color but didn’t have a large enough chunk, so I thought; why not JUST use the FQs! so we’ll see how that goes!
I’m already working on the blocks now and will schedule the blocks ahead of time, also to see how FQs work with this. To get enough contrast in these, I can’t do rainbow either.
For the 10” QUBE I had this black floral (4yds) that I never cut into, that will be my background and then I had 3 fabrics in green, red and yellow 2yds each and that’s all I’ll use for the blocks, so NOT at all rainbow either…
for the 12” version I AM going to follow the rainbow theme and it’s ALL scrappy, I’m picking white, but it’s scraps of white on white, so that should work just fine, I have lots of white yardage too so that shouldn’t be a problem!

Hope this helps! or maybe it just made you even more confused?

You could “watch” the first row or two and see if you like it and then decide what you want to do?? or just jump in the deep end and hope for the best! that’s why I’m suggesting scrappy, then it’s not a big loss Winking smile it won’t be a loss, I promise, just hard to explain and keep it secret!

the QUBE FB group voted that the QAL should start in 2019 instead of ending in 2019, I’m impatient! so I started already……

Should be another fun one!


Midwestern Woman said...

A rainbow row along...?!!!! I can't wait to get started. Thanks for designing such a fun activity.

deedee said...

This sounds like fun. I want to play along. Do I understand that all we need is our Qube and other two Qube sets all the same size? TIA Am ready to start cutting. When will this actually begin? I want to be ready.