Monday, October 15, 2018

2018 QAL tops

WOW, what a weekend!
Hurricane Michael that hit FL panhandle and moved north hit us! lots of rain in just a few hours, then really still, then lots of wind for a few hours and LOST POWER! didn’t come back until Sunday night at 6.30pm!! ahh a shower never felt so good!
(We did go to a friend’s house Saturday to shower and charge electronics, but it’s just not the same….they DID let us borrow their generator so we plugged in the refrigerator to that, though I don’t know how much food got spoiled, we’ll probably toss cold cuts and milk and any leftovers.
Oh and to be able to flush the toilets!! that’s what we get for having a well and not city water (nasty chlorinated water) you can’t flush the toilets! so a neighbor had a hand crank well that we used to fill up old plastic bins we used to have cat food in, then you dumb that into the toilet so it almost goes to the edge and then it drains it, it’s a big pain and still those buckets empty pretty quickly, so we filled them several times! (even with yellow mellow, brown down- if you know what I mean!)
we live a mile from a highway and about another mile or two down, we saw a bunch of linemen fixing a pole since Friday, every time we drove by they were there, so Sunday afternoon we drove up and talked to a guy and he said they replaced the pole and the wires are live but they have to start them in sections or something like that, but Duke power said we’d have power Monday at midnight! but we hoped it was OUR line! (still about 3 miles away from us, but we could hope!
We then drove to our friend’s house to get water and rinse out pots, as our neighbors hand crank well stopped giving water, so….slush slush with two open buckets in the back of the car! that was fun!!
anyways shortly after we got home there was POWER!!
I almost cried!! how reliant we are on power, running water, flushing toilets, taking showers, doing laundry! A/C –heat…..ahh it feels so good now!
still prayers for the people in FL and south that lost so much!! here I’m whining over no power/water for 3.5 days!
well enough about my saga…..

Several people are finishing up the tops from the 2018 QUBE QAL!
It’s just awesome to see the results!
I don’t know if you’ve seen these yet or partially done, but here’s some fun eye candy Smile
(The QAL is above in a TAB called 2018 QUBE QAL)
Everyone did such a GREAT JOB!
debbie topmary topshelda toppamela layoutdianetop2dianetop1heather layoutmaryellen layoutsheryl final
joan top1senta topcarol layout2margararet topkathy layout2
Ready for 2019 QAL yet? I guess I’ll be good and start in January Smile


Unknown said...

I thought Hurricane Florence would have caused you all that grief. I’m surprised it was Michael, but I guess NC is positioned to get hit from both the Atlantic and the Gulf?

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry for the hard times. Glad you are safe and with power now.