Thursday, September 13, 2018

Round Robin 2017 quilt is done

The 2017 Round Robin quilt is finally done!

round robin

I’m so happy this is finally done! at first it was way late getting to me and then unfortunately it had some holes in it and the last border didn’t go all the way to the edge, so I had to take it off and there was yardage added in dark blue and red so I added those as borders


I did sort of  custom quilting on the whole quilt, feathers on the outer border, a ribbon swirl on the next border, curves on several borders


I also did a leaf vine on the floral border and bubbles on skinny borders.

I quilted everything in a pale blue thread.


Thanks to everyone who participated!



Connie the Cootie Bug said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Well done!

barbara woods said...

love it especially your quilting

Charlene S said...

This is one of the few roundfrobin quilts i truly like! Your group really did a great job coordinating with your center.

Michele said...

Really nice. I still have some round robins to finish. Some day.