Monday, September 3, 2018

QUBE QAL block 36

qube qal 36
This week’s block is a variable star, we’ve done one already with a big plain center, this time it has an on point block in it, getting tired of the on point block parts??
and just like last week we’re using the same dies #4, 5 and 6
then fabrics A,B C and D
with die #4 cut out (4) of A
with die #5 cut out (4) of A and B and (12) of C
with die #6 cut out (1) of fabric D
because there’s so many small triangles, lay out the pieces, the fabric with 12 pieces is part of the outer star point- flying geese and then in the corners facing outward, then the rest should fall into place, also that the fabric A for both #4 and 5 are the “backgrounds” so the geese and the inner part of the corner HSTs and what’s left, are 4 triangles for the center square Smile
I start by sewing the flying geese and the corner HSTs and then one triangle to the center square, iron seams open
Then finish the flying geese and add another triangle to the center square
then finish adding the triangles to the center square and lay out the block pieces again to make sure they are turned correctly
Then start sewing the block together into rows
and finish the block like this
and here’s my 4 blocks together
Have fun with this star block!

Here’s the blocks from last week’s participants
35michelle35carolyn35 kathy35sheryl35connie35cheryl35gill35carol35debbie35mary32senta34senta33senta35senta35hannah35shelda34connie34debbies35margaret35judy35lynda35nina35donna35evaj35diane235diane35judi
Just a few weeks left! I know you are all excited!!

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