Friday, September 28, 2018

More crafty things

I’ve been on a kick to do more crafty things for the craft show at the end of October.
I’ve been making a few owl zippered bags
zippered bag ITHzippered bag ITH
and then I got an order for two dolls and a mouse with embroidery on them
machine embroidered doll ITH
I got the ITH patterns from dolls and daydreams and on the FB group someone showed a doll on top of an afghan and I thought putting a doll on top of a quilt was a great idea, maybe it’s too busy, but it was fun!
machine embroidered doll ITH
The lady got this quilt too btw as part of the farmer CSA trade thing we started in the summer, the dolls and mouse she paid for.
machine embroidered doll ITH
do you see the “mistake” the flange on the skirts got swapped, I still think it’s cute so I kept it like that.
machine embroidered doll ITHmachine embroidered mouse ITH
I also finally finished up this EPP table topper, I’ve been working on it slowly while we drove to church on Sundays.
It’s so nerve wrecking to cut into it to make the sides straight!
the pieces were cut out with the 1” hexagon die by accuquilt btw
EPP table topper
Then I added a quick black border
EPP table topper
It measures 12x20” approx


Frédérique said...

Your owls are so cute! Do you have a pattern for them? Beautiful dolls and mouse too ;)

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Bea, I love those owls! Did you purchase the pattern?