Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hygge in Denmark

Remember I had my friend and her kids from Denmark visit me in August!?

Well of course I sent her home with several quilts! For her and her husband and kids and also her sister and her mom!

Camilla and I (and her sister of course) grew up together and our parents were friends. Camilla’s mom was also my SEWING teacher in Elementary school, I’m guessing 4-5th grade or something like that. I switched schools in 6th grade.

Anyways, her mom loved the quilt (Camilla helped pick up which ones each would like)

Here it is on their couch in Denmark (close to where I grew up)

kirsten batik quilt2kirsten batik quilt

This is Camilla’s sister, she HYGGER with a good book (and the quilt)!

It’s funny that now Denmark’s word “Hygge” has become so popular in the US and people want to copy it, it just means to hang out, be cozy on the couch, it could be just chatting or playing a game together, there’s not really ONE word for it in English, but it’s a word we use a lot in Denmark!


Here’s Camilla, about a week after they came home from their US vacation, she has to have surgery on her foot and she’s not allowed to walk on it for 6-8 weeks, and it’s not fun to be confined to the couch all the time! Here’s her quilt too.


at least she has a bit of company while her husband is working and the kids are at work!


They all loved their quilts!

(And Camilla and her husband have been my messenger/delivery person as they go camping near where my mom lives, so they had presents from my mom when they visited and I sent her home with some things from us too! AND her husband helped set up her computer with skype! (not that my mom likes to use it, but it’s there and it was much appreciated)


Vicki in MN said...

She must bring disposable clothes so she has room to take back your quilts and things!! Very cool that you can do that, I am sure she is thinking of you every time she curls up with her quilt.

Danette Stankovich said...

These are lovely quilts and so nice for you to give them away to your friend. Glad she has that cute kitty for company, too.

Carol S. said...

Giving a quilt is such a wonderful way to show love and you definitely showed the love to your friends!

Heather Blanton said...

Wow, Bea, you really are talented. I thought you were making it all up. LOL!

patricia said...

Oh my goodness! That first quilt fits PERFECTLY. What an amazing gift for your long time friend and sewing teacher.