Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Today is Bjorn’s 16th Birthday

I can’t believe Bjorn is 16!!

He started 11th grade yesterday and because he’s doing early college, it’s now full time at the local community college!!


(bad picture) but Hey, you can’t get a teenage boy to pose for a picture much, ha ha.

Bjorn is my oldest, my only SON, he’s very responsible and even if I ask him to do chores or whatever he may do it grumbling, but he DOES it, and usually right away and doesn’t like it if his sisters get away with NOT doing it or doing less!

It’s funny that when new people talk to him/ or doctors etc ask him if he has siblings and he says YES 3 sisters, they all say oh SORRY, that’s tough, but then say that he’ll be a great husband one day because he’ll know how to deal with girls/women! ha ha

I was pregnant with Bjorn in Florida (my only Florida baby) and I was 24! I was 4 days past my due date and the doctors wanted to induce me because fluids were low, I remember that I got to the hospital, put on the gown and sat down and I felt a gush- thought my water broke!

But a nurse checked me and I was bleeding instead, I was having a placental abruption, I felt like it was hours, but Dan said it was 45 min or so before I got wheeled into the OR for an emergency C-section (though I was awake) I was so scared! Of course as a new mom I had plans of an all natural delivery with no drugs, so I didn’t read that chapter in the baby books!- and all that went out the window! Just as I left my room, our friends Shawn and Nancy came running in and they prayed with us quickly before I got wheeled in….(You may have seen pics of them here, they come visit now twice a year)

I remember being scared and then when they cut me, and tried to pull Bjorn out of me, I felt like I was going to slide off of the table they pulled so hard! Dan was allowed to pop over the curtain and take a quick picture and right then the baby pooped! (didn’t get that on the picture)

He was 8lbs 7oz – my heaviest baby! and 21” long.

Oh and my mom and Egon were in Disney world! they had come for a few weeks for the birth but since I was “late” they had gone to Orlando a day or two before, so they came to visit me when they got back.

We were also in the middle of moving! so when I got home from the hospital I had just a mattress to sleep on, as most of our stuff was in storage already! Nancy had offered for me to come stay with her for a while until after closing and I did that! (we did that)

anyways, later I looked up placental abruption and have talked to nurses about it and they are VERY surprised that Bjorn survived the delivery and is 100% fine!

He’s a great Blessing!

a great BIG brother to his sisters and a great son!


Happy birthday buddy bear (Bjorn means bear in Danish)


tubakk said...

Happy birthday to Bjørn! We have so many different histories to tell about the birth of our children. Moments we'll never forget. Fantastic.

Dresden Quilter said...

Happy Birthday!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Happy birthday, Bjorn! You definitely have a purpose in life, young man - find what it is! God's hand was with you in your birth and with your mom as well! Thanks for sharing, Bea!

Sharon Aurora said...

What a handsome young man.

Happy birthday, Bjorn!