Monday, August 27, 2018

QUBE QAL block 35

qube qal 35
Here’s block #35 it’s called mosaic in EQ…
another 1:1 block and more on point squares!
and it’s easy, and we’re SO close to the end of the blocks for the center of the quilt!!
For this block you’ll need dies #4, 5 and 6
and fabrics A, D and E
with dies #4 and 5 cut out (4) of fabric D from each die.
and with die #6 cut out (4) of fabric A and (1) of fabric E.
again remember these are on point!
Lay out the pieces like this to see what the block will look like, as it’s sewn together in diagonal rows.
I start by skipping the top left #5 triangle, but then sewing one #4 triangle to a blue #6 square, then the next row is a #5 triangle to also a blue square, and then a blue and white square, and the same as the top row for the next row.
Then sew more to it, now the top left and bottom right has triangles on both sides and the middle row is almost done too!
Then add the outer small triangles and the rest and then you can sew the rows together.
Of course iron seams open Smile
Here’s the completed block
and it worked ok with the 8” block too, I just tried to use fabrics that were not SO directional.
here’s all 4 blocks together!
3 more blocks to go!!
Have fun.
Here’s blocks from last week
(sorry if I missed any)
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Norma said...

Love these quilt blocks! I need to get back to quilting but I have been doing craft projects instead. When winter gets here I will get back to the block basics (I hope!).