Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mid Month potholders

GO frog potholders

This month’s potholders, weren’t exactly my idea, they were inspired by Carolyn, she tagged me on this post on FB and I thought it was adorable!

CarolynC frog potholders

Now I didn’t have this specific flower die and I was looking at my other dies and none of the flowers seemed right, until I then googled a lily pad!

and found this!


I knew I wanted the potholders to be 8” and I liked the four patch idea, so I got out the 4 1/2” square die #1 from the 8” qube set

Then I figured I could cut a lily pad from a big circle, so I got out the GO big circle die (It only fits the GO BIG machine, this die is HUGE! if you don’t have that, maybe the 5” circle can work from a smaller die, or just freehand a circle?- I cut out the 6” btw)

Also I was given the rose of sharon die recently and I saw the small leaf petals would be great for the lily pad flower!

and of course the frog too!


I first cut out (8) 4 1/2” squares each of 2 FQs

and I also cut 2 hang ties and ironed those.


and I sewed them into 4 patches


then I used lite steam a seam2 and added it to the back of some green fabric for 2 frogs


and cut out 2


Then I found another green and added the steam a seam too and cut out (2) 6” circles


I cut little “pacman” slits in the circles to make them look like lily pads and added to the center of the block and then I played around with the frog and it was at this point I figured out the rose of sharon petals would work


so I prepped and cut out 8 of those in white


Having 4 per lily flower looked great, I could have used the bigger one, but I think it looks cute this way, but look, there’s not much contrast between the frog and the lily pad (I guess that’s sort of how it is in nature though! but I needed some contrast)


I got out some black thread and with a darning/embroidery/freemotion foot I sloppily sewed double black lines around everything

frog potholders

I then cut out scrap batting and insulbrigt to match and added the hanging tabs


and lastly sewed them together right sides together and leaving an opening at the bottom, then turning right side out and top stitching!

frog potholders

And VOILA! two frog potholders Smile

midmonth potholders

as a thank you to Carolyn, I’d like to send you some insulbright, please send me your address !!

The rest of you, try this out or her version, either one is great and upload in the qube group on FB and tag me on it.

Here’s some potholders I think from last month that people made using some of my previous tutorials

carolyn flowerscarolyn dropsbowties pamela2

Have fun!

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Carol S. said...

Cute, cute frog potholders, Bea!