Monday, August 20, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 34

qube qal34
This week’s blocks is called four patch art square.
It’s a regular sized 1:1 block
it uses dies #2, 5 and 6
and fabrics C, D and E

with die #2 cut out (4) of fabric C
with die #5 cut out (8) of fabric A
with die #6 cut out (2) EACH of D and E (they will be on point)
Start by adding the triangles to the sides of (4) small #2 squares
also sew the (4) #6 squares into a four patch
Oh I really don’t like this plaid… but oh well.
Then add the remaining triangles to the top of the small squares so it turns into a large triangle (we’ve made these several times before) and finish the 4 patch.
I’m showing how I used directional fabrics for my 8” blocks and the middle squares are on point so I chose to turn the tree ones so they face outwards and the orange has a faint stripe on it so I faced that in opposite directions too, the pink squares are butterflies I just paid attention when adding the triangles.
Then easy enough add the triangles to the center four patch.
and finish the block like this.
Here’s the 4 blocks together
have fun!

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants

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