Monday, August 13, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 33

qube qal 33
This week it’s time for an Ohio star block! it’s a 1.5 sized block
I’m sure you knew you could make this already with the QUBE set!?
For this block you’ll just use dies #1 and #4
and fabrics A, B, C and E
with die #1 cut out (1) of fabric B (or make it a nice fussy cut or directional fabric) and (4) of fabric A
with die #4 cut out (4) of A and E, and (8) of fabric C
with the triangles make (4) QST blocks and have fabric C be on the same side with the other fabrics- so if you have A on the bottom and C on top and start at the corner, also have E on the bottom and C on the top and start sewing at the corner
Then sew these together in (4) QSTs, iron seams open
Now lay the pieces out into a nine patch, I realize I laid the QSTs wrong, but sewed it together right, but if you want to sew it together this way, it’s okay, I’m not going to be the quilt police Winking smile
Then sew it into rows like this (correctly)
Here’s the completed block
qube qal block 33
for my 8” qube version I used directional fabrics and it worked out just fine because the die cuts out 4 pieces at a time, the 9” qube has one shape of #4 so if you’re planning on cutting with directional fabrics, you have to turn the fabrics.
qube qal block 33
Here’s all 4 blocks together, again the 12” qube version is 18 1/2” it’s HUGE! I used some directional fabrics on this one too.
qube qal block 33qube qal block 33
Have fun!

here’s blocks from last week’s participants
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