Monday, August 6, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 32

qal block32
This week’s block is called Duck and ducklings and it’s a 1 1/4 sized block or 5:4 (we’ve made 3 this size already and this is the last one)
For it you’ll need dies #2,3 and 5
and fabrics A, C, D and E (or if you want to use leftover scraps that’s fine too)
With die #2 cut out (4) of A, (1) of C, and (4) of E
with die #3 cut out (4) of D, if you’re using directional fabrics, watch the fabrics for this shape
with die #5 cut (4) of A, (8) of C and (4) of E
Since it’s a block with lots of pieces lay out the pieces how you want them, also because you can swap the #2 squares toward the middle and also the corner #5 triangles, if you want dark or light to touch the corners, that’s up to you.
start by sewing the sets of (4) matching squares together and #5 corner triangles, iron the seams open on everything
Then start adding the (8) triangles to the HSTs and keep it the same way as your laid out block, if you want the dark or light to be out.
Here’s my blocks done, with the 8” QUBE set I used directional fabrics so I watched my cutting and have these units facing the right way.
Then start adding the larger triangle to the blocks and also the 2 square units in the middle and the final center square.
Sewing the block together into rows first like this
Here’s the completed block
and here’s my 8” qube block with directional fabrics!
and all 4 together
Have fun!

Here’s the blocks from last week’s participants
Sorry if I missed any, as I have visitors this weekend.

and Judy finished the top for the 2017 QAL!
It looks GREAT!
2017 qal Judy

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