Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Quilt Sewing Expo in Raleigh

Last week my friend Laura and I went to the Quilt and Sewing expo in Raleigh, now with 4 kids in tow!


since we had kiddos with us, we couldn’t take any classes, maybe some day! (Hmm, I should apply to be a teacher there maybe one year??)

Anyways, so we just planned on looking at quilts and shop!

(There was another little exhibit that was called “Threads of resistance!” and at first we were curious, then read a sign that said it’s not for kids and then the woman at the door say it was all anti-Trump resistance stuff! really?? ok, never mind….

so on we went….

There were a lot of people but not too bad! but tricky maneuvering around with 2 strollers!


On one side there was a display of Red and white quilts!

(I really need to bust out my red and white book I won, haven’t made a THING from it- hanging head in shame!)

But this was fun inspiration!

(sorry I didn’t take pictures of the labels, so no idea what the pattern names are nor who made the quilts, it’s just for eye candy)

quilt expo quilt red and whitequilt expo quiltquilt expo quiltquilt expo quiltquilt expo quiltquilt expo quiltquilt expo quiltquilt expo quilt

Then here’s an Americana sampler quilt with fun setting triangles!


and another sampler quilt

quilt expo quiltquilt expo quilt

Gypsy’s wife (I want to make this one day!)

quilt expo quilt gypsy wife

this made me thing of Accuquilt’s spool die Winking smile

quilt expo quilt

There was also a bunch of “Olympic’s” quilts, this one was just so cute!

quilt expo quilt

and a Judy Neimeier star quilt

quilt expo quilt

a cute Easter quilt with fuzzy tails

quilt expo quiltquilt expo quilt

Lots of applique here!

quilt expo quilt

This is the only quilt I remember the title of “It’s pointless” Ha ha!

Also inspiration for Accuquilt’s circles! and awesome quilting on it!

quilt expo quilt

This one was Sonja’s favorite!


and I’ve seen this one before! could it be a Ricky tim’s pattern?

quilt expo quilt

and a 365 challenge quilt in all greys! just gorgeous!

quilt expo quilt

a fall one that should be easy to make with accuquilt dies!


quilt expo quilt

Christmas sunbonnet Sues!


Then it was time for shopping!

I saw these canvas panels and thought they’d make cute pillows!


I didn’t buy this owl pattern, but it’s SEW cute!

owl pincushion

When the kids were DONE! (They had a deal going on I think that they would each take turns having a meltdown!) we left and went home.

Here’s my goodies!

some freebie FQs and tiny charms from pineapple fabrics, then a pen,highlighter and measuring tape from Anita Goodesign and I bought two Frozen panels, from WS stabilizer and two long arm ruler templates! (I didn’t know Angela Walkers made her own rulers, but of course!!)


Then I thought they had put this ruler in my bag by mistake and Laura got the same thing, so….not sure if I’ll use it though…


Friday night we went to Greensboro to get Solveig after a week of Band camp and to watch her concert!


the girls were happy to see their big sister!


at UNCG we paid for dinner for us, but it was a huge buffet with different themes buffets and the desserts where music themed! how cute is that!


They played 5 songs and then we went home and we were home before 9pm, so that was good!

One of the songs were the Incredibles song!



Vicki in MN said...

Great eye candy! Now you are so inspired you'll be running around twice as fast getting projects done, hehe.

Rivah Rats Quilting said...

Love that red and white with the drunkards path sashing!! Have never seen that done before. Thanks for sharing. I follow your blog and love seeing what you’re working on!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I used to go the Expo here, but haven't been in a few years. Your ruler is part of a ruler system. I keep thinking I'll get the system one day, but, haven't so far.