Thursday, July 12, 2018

Patriotic Quilt with QUBE set

Did you see this quilt I made in patriotic colors for Accuquilt’s blog?
It’s made with scraps of red, white and blue fabrics and the 8” QUBE and companion angles sets!
It’s set on point but that’s still super easy!
it measures 34” x 45”
Have a look with the above link and see how I made it!

Did you also see the Christmas in July sale on Accuquilt’s site?
Christmas in July
Here’s some things I’ve made with some of the sale dies Smile
felt ornaments made with the holiday accessories and circles dies
how to make Christmas ornaments
LeMoyne quilt
wonky heart
spool die
serendipity qube set with ohio star block
and star table runner
holiday medley
Embroidery Design
flying geese
churn dash
fall medley
2014-10-13 028

flowering snowball
2014-05-17 002
9” wedge
2014-04-12 011
small tumbler
big snail trail
2015-05-13 002
I think that’s enough inspiration for you Winking smile
If you click thru the links on my site and order anything, I get a small commission- anything helps Smile

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Michele said...

What did you think of the serendipity Qube? I can't see the dies clearly enough from th web site to determne what the shapes are on the flower dies. Do you find these useful? I can see the basket, the butterfly and the shooting star dies clearly, but not the others.