Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bargello Batik Quilt is done too!

I have another finish to share!
This bargello Batik quilt I blogged about here
It’s made with 2 1/2” strips and measures 33x38”

I tried ruler work on the bargello part, where I lined up a ruler 1/4” away from the corner and quilted a diagonal line, then the tricky parts were the “points” of the bargello where there’s only one block I had to go to the midpoint, the upper mountain tip was ok, but the valley low point was TINY! after the first set of lines I decided to only do the diagonal lines on every other “row” which is still tricky and the stretch is quite a lot, so I think I did maybe 3 rows before having to forward the quilt on the frame, but it’s a small quilt, so no big deal.
I did bubbles on the inner border and straight lines (ruler work) on the outer border to sort of match the tree trunks.
a fun a quick quilt!

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