Monday, July 30, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 31

qube qal31
This week’s block is a LeMoyne star block.
Usually there’s often Y seams in this block, but not with this block!
it’s a full sized block 1:1
It uses dies #5 and #7 and fabrics B,C and E
With fabric E cut out (16) of shape #5
with fabrics B and C cut out 4 in one fabric RIGHT side UP and 4 in the other fabric RIGHT side DOWN!
(there will be some waste because we’re only cutting out one block, if you were cutting a bunch out, there’s wouldn’t be much)
Try NOT to use directional fabrics for this block.
the cut pieces should look like this
Sew one small triangle #5 to one of the angled sides like this
I know it looks like opposite of above, but that’s because I flipped it to show how it lines up.
If it’s cut right, you can’t mess it up Winking smile
the triangle fits perfectly on top, but the #7 doesn’t have the dog ear cut off, don’t know why.
Sew sets of 4 and iron the seams open AND cut off the dog ear at the top after ironing.
Then sew the remaining triangles to the tops like this
Sew two opposite sets together, making sure to line up the midpoint, then iron the seams open and also cut off the dog ears at the bottom
Now sew sets of 2 together
And then the whole block together and iron the seams open, it SHOULD lie flat, give it a good press
Here’s the finished block
QAL Qube block 31 Lemoyne star
and all 4 together
QAL Qube block 31 Lemoyne star
Have fun!

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants

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